The Pleasure Report. Week 24. The elegant edition.

Week 24 in the year of pleasure.

The Pleasure

Fifty five points. Sixty six last week.

And a 55:1 pleasure to pain ratio.

A selection of the pleasure

Glances at old but previously unseen stuff

There’s deep, deep long held stuff, stuff that I *know* isn’t needed anymore but which does still live, very faintly within me.

It’s been letting me catch the briefest of glimpses of it.

Which is wonderful.

It’s as if the family has been secretly keeping someone in the cupboard all these years and I’ve just caught a glimpse as the door shut and it’s just dawning on me that if there is someone in there, then it would explain a lot about why we cook extra food every day and why we keep our under-stairs cupboard locked and wondering why no-one told me about this before.

To see it, means I can begin to understand why certain things are how they are.

Things to do with (not) having enough time, or at least not the sense of spaciousness I’d like with time.

And other things to do with being wanted and valuable.

There’s not been much new stuff on these matters for some time now so it’s really wonderful to have these glimpses and the sense that they’re glimpses of things getting ready to move out.

Elegant and graceful birds

Working in the garden has been just delightful lately.

The temperature in the shade just right, the light in the shade so beautiful, and my lounger so comfortable it now needs to share the affectionate address ‘my love’ with my gentlemanfriend.

And when I thought it was pretty much perfect, some beautiful, elegant birds came to join me. And they sing what sounds like a song.

Not like the crows which sound like they’re bossing people around, or the wood pigeons which sound like they’re repeating the same thing over and over and over.

They’re what I imagine might be wrens or nightingales though I don’t feel any need to identify them.

I just enjoy having their beautiful selves around and I also enjoy that I allow myself a little time to appreciate them.

Not ‘that’ kind of working

Wednesday was cloudy and a tiny bit colder than I like for working outside. So I stayed in.

I also had no ‘in person’ appointments so after I’d finished writing my morning pages which I generally do in bed, I just stayed there and carried on with my work, writing, a couple of calls, e-mails to return etc. Very comfortable.

At about 1pm there was a knock at the door so I flung on a dressing gown and went to answer it.

“Oh” said the delivery man “I didn’t get you up, did I?”

“No” I said , “I was working”.

“Oh” said the delivery man looking at my dressing gown, with a higher tone in his voice and both eyebrows raised.

“Oh no, not ‘that’ kind of working” I assured him and myself “No, I’m writing”.

“Oh” he said, his tone dropping back close to normal, “What are you writing about?”

“Pleasure” I said

“Ooh!” he said his tone back up an octave

“Oh no…….I mean, what’s a pleasure in your life….oh no… your work…ah yes, your work….is that a pleasure?” feeling relief at being on steady ish ground for the first time

“Oh” he said, tone dropping again, “My work? Ah. No work would be a pleasure. No, actually, I wouldn’t be happy with no work. Three days a week. That would be perfect”

“Great” I said. Shutting the door with some relief.

That’s the trouble with working from bed with pleasure as your topic. So easy to get miscategorised.

The Pain

Changing arrangements

When I was a lad……..

I know, it’s come to this, and I’m not yet 47.

But really….we didn’t have mobile phones and so we made arrangements in person or on the landline phone and then met up when and where we’d arranged to.

My wee man doesn’t even make arrangements, they just call each other the instant they’re available or fancy doing something….where are you, what you doing, fancy doing this, let’s go to….. and then another call and another as they all gradually arrive in the vicinity or the swarm of them veers over somewhere else and all the arrangements change, car, train, lift from someone, this time, 4 hours later, eating in, out, staying out overnight, 3 people coming back here late…..aye aye aye.

All of this we’ve worked out so I can normally watch, amazed, from a distance and be baffled but unaffected.

Now though, my wee man’s been selling things on amazon and the money comes through my account.

He needs to check with me whether the money is in and needs me to go and get the cash out so he can do the things he wants to do.

This is a new thing that we haven’t worked out the arrangements for and so he just asks right then whether the money’s in and can I check NOW and can we drive into town and get it out NOW.

Right in the middle of me writing, or cooking dinner. Anything that isn’t a client session looks like I’m available to him, and then there’s the explaining and the ‘oh but can’t you just come anyway’ ing.


The pain I did something about

This is one I anticipated and headed off at the pass. *grins smugly*

So my wee man’s last exam is done. Ah…bliss for him. And he’s FREEEEEEEEEE! And I know he’ll want to be off…into London, seeing friends and just generally doing nothing as an after exam chillout. And yet he has a few things left for sale on amazon.

Ha ha! I remember to get him to take them off sale before he disappears so I’m not left with responsibility for posting within 48 hours.

*smiles happily*

The Pleasure Posse

A selection from The Pleasure Posse who’ve been using the #itsapleasure hash tag on twitter

@igriff starting the process of clearing 16 yrs of ‘stuff’ ready to move #itsapleasure

@rosedeniz Organizing closets, clearing clutter, finding homes for homeless stuff – this week #itsapleasure

@jonhind I broke my work PC so whilst it is repaired today I caught up with work related reading. #itsapleasure

@susanfuller being able to jump in the pool when the temp topped 100ºF Ahh relief #itsapleasure

@SaltyLaura waking up in the morning and suddenly *knowing* how to solve that creative problem… #itsapleasure

@rmkoske Sitting on the porch, enjoying the evening. You could ask for nicer weather, but it would be awfully greedy. #itsapleasure

@paulineesson Sofa wimbledon. Strawbs and champagne. #itsapleasure

What about you?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Your pleasure, pain or pain you did something about?

Or of course on twitter use the #itsapleasure hash tag in your tweet and we’ll all be able to see what’s a pleasure this week.