The Pleasure Report. Week 27. The EVERYTHING CHANGED edition.

Week 27 in the year of pleasure….past the half way mark.

The Pleasure

Fifty one points, seventy two last week

And a 25:1 pleasure to pain ratio

A selection of the pleasure

New life

I have a fern.

I think it’s really quite spectacular and grows with what seems like wild abandon, despite me being its waterer.

I pulled a couple of fronds off by mistake a while back and to make amends I potted them in a terracotta pot which I’ve had sitting on the sink now for ages.

They haven’t made any moves until this week. Two new fronds appeared

You know that curled up frondy way that ferns have. I love that.

I was so happy to see them. Really wide eyed and delighted with pointing and exclaiming.

I’m also glad there are simple costless things that I love as much as some of my more costly pleasures, like freedom and time (at least as I have things configured at the moment).

My wee man enjoying his holiday

He finished his A- levels, made some cash and spontaneously decided to go to a festival and was off and then was all chatty and happy when I collected him from the train when he came back and he’s just having such a good time.

It’s just how I’d want his holidays to be. Fun and free and happy.

Cheer leading

Just the best exploratory conversation into what could be, around the pleasure research.

Encouraging, inspiring, stimulating, supportive, helpful and idea generating.

And all with warmth, fun and affection.

I so appreciate this woman*.

Thank you.

*you know who you are 🙂

Two job offers and a motorbike

My gentlemanfriend was made redundant about a year ago. After 25 years with one company, it was quite a shock to his system.

This week he has not one, but two, good job offers in his hand.

I’m so pleased for my love.

He promptly celebrated by buying a motorbike!

(That part I’m not so sure about. I’m so not biker chick material)

The Pain


I want to do research into pleasure generally and at work specifically and I’d like to let the research develop organically, independently and without bias.

I’d like workplaces to be pleasurable places to be. Not soul sapping. In any way.

I’d like to start by talking to those leaving jobs right now despite not having jobs to go to and find out if anything could have made their jobs a pleasure.

I’d like to look for practical and commercially viable ways that could happen. Probably ways we don’t know yet as our generation has never had to manage in a climate like this.

And teach the creative ways of coming up with ideas when nobody knows what to do. Ways that MBA’s don’t teach.

Then maybe, there’s choices. For people and companies.

I’m thinking about lots of people I know who are suffering now and also about the world of work my son will be entering in a few years. I’d like it to be pleasurable, certainly more so than much of it is now.

I’ll start in the UK but it doesn’t have to be confined to the UK.

Even just my initial thoughts, when run by a helpful PhD holder, are looking like the research could occupy a couple of full time people for a number of years so it’s a longish term thing I’m contemplating needing a fair amount of cash to fund it.

Two reasonable salaries and the occasional technical help for web surveys and general admin for 4 years, even just the back of a fag packet reckoning reaches around £400K.

The options I’ve been exploring to fund it are many and varied with differing degrees of independence and credibility of results to be had from each.

Roughly the ideas have fallen into three main groups.

1. Invite an interested company or two to commission the research. Not much independence.

2. Fund it myself. Complete independence.

New wave of ideas begun about how to do that…….

3. Write it as a book proposal and let that funding cover part of the research (she said nonchalantly as if she knew the first thing about any of that)

4.Then a fourth one arrived. This one is a new idea.

Set up ways where interested people and/or companies can donate to the research fund without being involved or influencing the outcome. Much independence.

Those donating could be anonymous or have their name proudly displayed on the

‘we support pleasure at work’ page on my website.

Individual and corporate donations. Corporates who don’t necessarily want to fund the entire research project but know there’s something in it and that they’ll benefit from the outcomes.

(That page doesn’t exist yet but if you, or anyone you know, wants to make a donation before the page is in place, don’t let that stand in your way, just e-mail me and we can arrange it ).

I was going for funding it myself, furiously exploring ideas of how to make myself available for the cause.

Remove the need for me to earn much…sell up, put money into it and rent at half price, sell up, put money into it and house sit at minimal cost……. , start buying lottery tickets, send my child up chimneys…

However, having recently realised,

that doing things all by myself is a pattern that’s not much of a pleasure,

and knowing that isolation is a killer, I became open to options.

I said that quickly and all in one sentence, with no exclamation marks or capital letters.

I said it really calmly as if it hasn’t been quite the most life changing revelation of the year for me.

I can’t let it go by without….. something….. at least a moments silence.

Pause to acknowledge the momentous nature of the revelation.


Just after I decided not to try and do it all by myself, the donations idea arrived.

Oh my goodness, does that feel different.

That all sounds fantastic. Sounds like it really belongs in the pleasure section.

It’s in the pain section because now I’m not going to try to go it alone, I’m instantly impatient and wanting to:

  • get a donation page up
  • start talking to people about it
  • hire another researcher
  • hire an accountant to look after the research fund
  • all the million things…….

Impatience is an unusual feeling for me.

I like calm, and graceful and right now I feel like a greyhound held in the trap before a race.

I’m going to need to regain some grace if I’m going to last the distance, but in the meantime, please immediately tell everyone you know that there’s important research for the happiness of the world waiting to be done and that they can help get it started.

Donations of help (rather than cash) to get started are very welcome too.

For the donations page:

  • To help write it
  • To design it
  • To set up donations buttons
  • To set up a system to acknowledge donations
  • Accountancy advice
  • Legal copyright advice

Or even a pledge of help now, to be paid as and when donations arrive.

Just say what you’d like to offer and how much you’d like to receive.

Oh my….I’m really getting the hang of this….not struggling with it by myself……

Huge wide (involuntarily) smiling going on here.

I just need a moment to be very happy about this before moving on to the rest of the pleasure report.

OK several moments.

The pain I did something about

That was it, you just read it.

I was impatient, thought of a potential way of getting started and invited donations and help.

In the history of Pauline Esson, this is a new thing.

This has got to be the everything changed edition.

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