The Pleasure Report. Week 28. The unique edition with no pain.

Week 28 in the year of pleasure

The Pleasure

Sixty six points, fifty one last week.
And a 66:0 pleasure to pain ratio
(gasp….what no pain? No. No pain.)

A selection of the pleasure

The pleasure research has begun! And begun with a beautiful story

And that really requires trumpets, exclamation marks and maybe even party poppers.
Celebrations for the research having begun for one reason but also because it was such a pleasure.
If all the research is this enjoyable I really will be a happy creature.
I’ve had the real pleasure of interviewing a wonderful woman for the first in the series

‘When work is far from a pleasure’

She has spent the last months in deep exploration of her needs.
With enough courage to be deeply honest with herself about what she really needed, she’s taken the bull by the horns and deftly and completely, changed her life.
I had the best time hearing her story.
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Ideas keep coming

I’ll have in mind something that needs attention or needs a solution that hasn’t yet been conceived of.
And ideas for it just arrive. It’s so easy. And really such a pleasure.
It’s as if I sit there with a bucket on my lap and solutions just drop into it while I watch.
” thank you”
” thank you”
“thank you”
There’s no wrestling or furrowed brow thinking.
Did I mention that I’m loving the year of pleasure where I drop struggle.
Ideas just dropping in……. I am so loving it, I can’t tell you how much!

Warm air on my face

My puss cat is confined to the house still, recovering from a fractured pelvis.
So I need to keep the doors closed and that’s meant it’s not been so easy to work outside.
Squeezing out through a narrow gap, so she doesn’t get out with me, with laptop and coffee and notebooks and then discovering I’ve forgotten to bring the phone and need to squeeze in and out again.
Anyway, I’ve been working indoors most of the time. It’s easier.
I met a friend for coffee this week. We sat outside the cafe and the warm air wafted us.
I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed being out in the air quite so much.
I knew I enjoyed working outside but didn’t think I’d ever have a problem with staying in. It seems I need to get outside more than I knew.
Freedom has been cropping up for me lately as a need I didn’t know I had.
That may have something to do with just how much I enjoyed getting out and feeling the warm air on my face. Soooo good.

The Pain

Nil pwa.
Pause for any thoughts about this ‘no pain’ phenomenon to arrive
Thoughts: This hasn’t happened before. No pain.
We’ve been watching for 28 weeks now and there’s always been pain.
Me: Hmmm.
Thoughts: There were things to deal with this week that were tricky, difficult and challenging. But it seems they didn’t register as pain.
Me: Hmmm.
Thoughts: Just pleasure then, this week.
Me: Seems so, yup. Just pleasure.
Thoughts: Well I think that’s good.
Isn’t it?
One thing. I bet you wouldn’t have noticed that had we not been counting.
Me: Hmmm…yes, I think you’re right there.
Thoughts: Ah!  Hang on. There was plenty of neutral this week. Things that aren’t a pleasure but not a pain either.
Me: Ah yes good point. Not just pleasure. Pleasure and neutral.
Thoughts: *shuffling about, feeling under pressure to come up with something*
OK then.
Me: Can we let this sink in for a bit longer and see what wise and profound conclusions appear when we give it time?
Thoughts: *letting relieved breath out* Oh good idea. Yes. Yes, let’s do that.

The Pleasure Posse

A selection from The Pleasure Posse who’ve been using the #itsapleasure hash tag on twitter
@igriff  Free wifi in Daventry with my coffee. Thank You. #itsapleasure
@paulineesson Cabin fever setting in. Puss cat still has to stay home. I get to go out for coffee with a friend. So needed that. #itsapleasure
@orangemathtutor Had a great day tutoring!! #itsapleasure
@leannich Ah, lunch from Murthy’s Fabulous Food stall at the Dublin Food Coop. So so so so so so GOOD. #itsapleasure

What about you?

I’d love to hear, your pleasure, pain or pain you did something about.
Come and talk pleasure and pain in the comments
Or of course you can tweet about it. If you use the #itsapleasure hash tag we’ll all be able to see.