The Pleasure Report. Week 31. The helping hand edition.

Week 31 in the year of pleasure.

The Pleasure

Fifty one points, fifty one last week too

And a 51:1 pleasure to pain ratio

A selection of the pleasure

Still upright

Again I bow down in gratitude at the feet of the most wonderful osteopath known to womankind.

Anisha Joshi, I remain upright and I thank you.

A Selection of normal things

Being mobile again has brought me a fresh appreciation of normal functioning.

I know it won’t last, but for now I’m quite delighted that I can wash my hair, cut my nails, drive, go and get food…the normal stuff.

And there’s a bonus to the being fully functioning. No…not that.

I can let my recovering puss cat out again (car accident 5 weeks ago resulting in her fractured pelvis)

She seemed healed and able to go out again but while I couldn’t be sure that I’d be able to run to her aid if she needed me, I kept her in.

Neither of us were overjoyed about the staying in arrangements and so it was just inordinately happy making to open the back door, go out and sit in the sun, drink wine and let her saunter in and out as she pleased.

The Tom O’ Connor dream

You’ll not have forgotten, I’m sure, that I’m embarking on what’s likely to be a 4 year research project and have been investigating ways of funding it.

Major funding ideas, including selling my house to reduce my outgoings so I have to earn less and am therefore able to give the project more of my time. It’s a big deal for me right now so it’s not really a great surprise that I’d dream about it.

In the dream, my gentlemanfriend and I are talking about funding options. We’re sitting together somewhere under some railway arches. Then a voice from above asks

“Can I give you a hand there?” and there’s Tom O’Connor, standing on the bridge, reaching his hand out to me.

I take his hand, get a foothold in a gap in the brickwork and he hoists me in one fell swoop up onto the top of the bridge.

The he asks

“Really, can I help you with that”

I think for a second and tell him that actually I am working on something and how about if I send him an e-mail about it and if he likes it then he might care to make a donation and then maybe he’d spread the word to everyone he knows encouraging them to also make a donation if they feel so inclined.

He happily agreed and when I woke up for a moment I thought we were all sorted.


What do you make of that?

And where in my subconscious did I pluck Tom O’Connor from!

Anyway, it was a lovely feeling for a moment, thinking great, we’re up and running. One which I’m hanging on to and look forward to being the case soon.

And it made me wonder.

Is there a high profile someone who might be really interested in changing the world of work and business so that it is all a pleasure.

If you know of anyone, in entertainment or business, or any field really, who might have a large network or deep pockets or both, I’d appreciate suggestions and/or introductions.

The Pain

It was a bit more than a sense of humour failure.

Throughout this whole episode over the last few months………back pain, being laid up, house sale and remaining uncertainty over where we want to live, starting major new thing, major exam results for son, and more which is just boring to list out………

throughout it all I’ve been sailing through, in an uncharacteristically matter of fact manner, just taking each thing as it came and finding answers as I went.

Well, whatever was helping me do that vanished for a time this week.

And I was quite spitting mad with just about everything and everyone. I couldn’t even write this blog post as I lost my ability to see the pleasure in any of the pleasure.

It didn’t last long but my goodness what a flash of venom fire and brimstone there was there for a moment.*

The pain I did something about

When the fire and brimstone struck, I had important phone calls to make, ones where I’d need to be calm, clear and accurate.

Also I was going to see my gentlemanfriend that evening.

And I was ready to rip the head from the next living creature to cross my path.

Let it be known that the measure is three.

Three G&T’s seem to be just right to induce ‘calm’ without losing ‘clear and accurate’.*

Actually, when I think about one of the calls…..maybe two.

But it was a very enjoyable evening in the end and no head ripping happened. None whatsoever.

I’d rather it went that way. No head ripping.

*I’m aware there’s more to this than meets the eye and fear not, I’m on it. Journalling page after illuminating page at a rate barely visible to the human eye.
I’m also aware that alcohol as a problem solving strategy in the long term is not a wildly good idea so no need for worries in that direction.

The Pleasure Posse

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How about you?

I’d really love to hear. How’s your week been?

Your pleasure, pain or pain you did something about.

Come and tell us about it in the comments

Or of course you can tweet about it.

And if you use the #itsapleasure hash tag we’ll all be able to see.

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