The Pleasure Report. Weeks 29&30. The whisky and megaphone edition.

Weeks 29 and 30 in the year of pleasure

The Pleasure

Week 29, thirty four points and a 34:1 pleasure to pain ratio

Week 30, fifty one points and a 51:1 pleasure to pain ratio

There can be no romping ahead into the regular report however, without mention of the 1 in those pleasure to pain ratios.

A seemingly innocuous 1.

Revealing nothing of the enormity of its impact.

That 1 pain, in both week 29 and 30, was excruciating back pain that laid me flat for the best part of 2 weeks and is the reason why we’re here now combining weeks 29 and 30.

I did have a short notice back up person ready to step in and write The Pleasure Report and then she was incapacitated by shoulder pain.

I hadn’t got a back up for my back up. I will next time.

I’m very much better now, thank you, and here I am fully operational in the lying down, sitting up, standing up and feeding myself without dribbling, departments.

I have many thank you’s to extend to osteopaths, prescription drugs, non prescription alcohol, local friends and neighbours, twitter friends and most of all to my gentlemanfriend, who I fear I may have scared the living daylights out of when I just plain collapsed in reaction to one of the drugs.

So now we’re caught up on where I’ve been, on we go.*

A selection of the pleasure

Parmesan loving cat

The evening before I was laid flat, I discovered, quite by chance, that my cat loves Parmesan cheese.

She’s currently unhappily enduring week 5 of a 6-8 week confinement while recovering from a car accident.

I was especially glad to have found something to bring her a little pleasure.


Someone I knew, way back when, said I’d had a profound impact on her (in a good way) and they’d learned so much from me about working deeply with people.

This was from a time when positive feedback was in short supply and so it’s especially wonderful to know that my contribution really was appreciated. And she didn’t know I was laid up so it wasn’t sympathy feedback. Appreciation….mmmmmmm.

The megaphone

I think this is a pleasure.

Laid flat out, with some time to reflect, I was pondering the meaning of things, and asking, that if there were any learning to be had or meaning to be found in the being laid up, then please could I learn it. Soon.

Instantly, without a moments’ delay, I saw a megaphone.

A great big, black, old fashioned Hollywood film set style megaphone.

The kind used for booming out directions so everyone can hear what’s being said and what’s to be done.

I’m pretty sure I know what it means.

I can be very softly spoken. I don’t do networking. I like speaking to people one at a time and with breaks in between for quiet.

All my work is via word of mouth as I don’t do marketing (ie talking to people about what I can offer them….too pushy methinks).

It took me 10 years as a self employed consultant before even getting a website (talking to people about what I can offer) and even then I only told the people I already knew about my website.


Over the years I’ve worked myself slowly up to whispering, and then only when asked.

Maybe being laid up on muscle relaxant drugs was the perfect time to introduce me to the notion of something above a whisper.

Working from whisper to megaphone is what I’m contemplating now.

I’ve received requests quite recently, to tell people more about the pleasure research project I’ve begun.

I’ve also received requests, from parties interested in the research, to make it easy for people to make contributions and donate to the pleasure research so that it can remain independent.

So I’m starting with that.

Here’s the whispered, very short version.

I have begun what I think will be a 4 year research project into pleasure at work and in business.

I anticipate the results benefiting, employees, employers, customers and suppliers.

I anticipate more businesses with whom you’d consider it a pleasure to do business with.

I anticipate more businesses where it would be a pleasure for you or your children to go and work.

I anticipate better quality opportunities to talk to companies about what would make it a pleasure to do business with them or to work for them.

My experience is in the shedloads full. I’ve been in business or supporting business and management development since I was 18 years old. Later this month I’ll be 47.  I’m regularly told my experience shows in the practical way I approach coaching and consulting.

I’m aiming for independence of funding for unbiased research results .

I’m whispering a most warm invitation to everyone who would like to contribute support, enthusiasm and importantly donations to the project, which, all going as I anticipate, will make the workplace somewhere it’s a pleasure to be.

If you, anyone you know, or company you work for would like to support this research, here’s where you can do it.

Thank you.

Very much.

I’ll work on the megaphone version over the next few weeks.

It’ll cover anticipated questions about me, the scope of the project, how many shekels gets a goat, just how much gratitude or anything else you can expect to see for your shekels and other things people might like to know.

Maybe you can help me with the whispering?

All gentle and practical suggestions or mentoring, to assist my moving from whisper to megaphone whilst retaining grace, dignity and respect for my audience will be warmly received.

The Pain

It hasn’t entirely escaped my attention that a day (just one day) after writing the pleasure report,the first of 28, in which there is no pain at all, I’m laid out unable to move at all with excruciating physical pain. I’ve mainly been talking about metaphoric pain till now, which, I have to say, I prefer.

It’s also interesting that although I don’t have any regular history of back pain, it has happened once before several years ago.

Right when I was about to move house, as I am now. I may be less tolerant of the uncertainty than I believe myself to be.

The last observation about the pain is the wide span of opinion I’ve encountered about pain and how much you should be willing to put up with.


“Nothing really works brilliantly and you mustn’t lie down for more than 2 days. You need to grit your teeth, get up and get on with it”


“My aim is to help get you mobile and out of pain as quickly as we possibly can”

and everything in between.

My approach with the metaphoric pain during this year of pleasure has been to

  • acknowledge whatever the pain is,
  • try to get a picture of how I would like it to be
  • watch attentively for ideas and solutions
  • try them out
  • look for more options if the first ones don’t get the results I was looking for

Some of the physical pain options I’ve been offered have taken a different route

  • acknowledge the pain
  • administer what we know even if we know it doesn’t work that well
  • wait it out in pain and hope it goes away in time

I’ve noticed that the belief that

‘this is all we can do’

– stops the flow of options

and the desire to find a way of doing this without pain

– opens the flow right up again.

That leads very nicely to the pain I did something about.

With the painkillers just not doing their job and pain free being my aim, I followed several (non medical) recommendations till I ended up with 3am, swigging straight out of the bottle, whisky. Job done.

Let there be dancing next week.

*Don’t worry, I’m not just blithely carrying on as normal pretending that significant back pain isn’t brimful of things I need to learn to do differently for mind body and spirit. I’m on it.
Louise Hay, Thorwald Dethlefson & Rudiger Dahlke, personal journalling, meditation and physical therapists all involved, advice noted and acted upon.

The Pleasure Posse

A selection from The Pleasure Posse who’ve been using the #itsapleasure hash tag on twitter

@blondechicken Yum! Thai iced coffee (fancy!) @ Cha Da Thai in Boone. #itsapleasure

@MeowVT RT @havi I disapprove of not being on vacation and now insist that everything be fun and include beer or I refuse to do it! #itsapleasure

@alisoncs Keep meaning to promote @paulineesson’s research to find out what’s a pleasure #itsapleasure

@igriff @ianbrodie full english today thanks, unusual #itsapleasure

@LadyChrisMyers Hours of playing with my 2 year old nephew. #itsapleasure

What about you?

I’d love to hear, your pleasure, pain or pain you did something about.

You’re most welcome….come and talk pleasure and pain in the comments

Or of course you can tweet about it. And if you use the #itsapleasure hash tag we’ll all be able to see.