The Pleasure Report. Week 32. The birthday ‘mactime’ edition

Week 32 in the year of pleasure.

The Pleasure

Seventy two points, fifty one last week

And a 72:1 pleasure to pain ratio

Seventy two is the most so far. Woo!

A selection of the pleasure

My birthday and I had a good time

This may not seem remarkable to you but birthdays and I haven’t always had the best time.

Plus being when it is, at the end of August, I’ve always had this idea that it’s going to be warm and I’ll be able to sit outside and drink wine with friends.

Yet for all of the years I can remember, it’s been cold and wet. Not just ok with a cardi on and a pashmina, but really too cold to sit out.

And if it didn’t start out cold and wet, it became so as we’d sit there, outside drinking wine and trying to pretend it wasn’t really that cold.

And then it would rain and we’d give up.

This year I put the heating on and dropped any expectation that it would be warm on my birthday. Ever.

With tea in bed, cards to open and the heating on, I began the day warm and happy.

Then it actually got warm outside.

Then the sun came out.

I watched suspiciously from inside. Sent someone out to check the temperature. Looked left and right for impending rainclouds.

And there were none.

Ladies and gentleman, we have a record.

I sat outside, on my birthday, drinking wine and it was warm.

My wee man came home especially to wish me a happy birthday.

*Happy smiles*

Our time together lately has been sparse. Of roughly 4 seconds duration.

That’s how long it takes him to get from the bottom of the stairs to the front door as he departs on another sociable outing.

So I was touched that he’d come home especially and decided to push my luck, it was my birthday, and put in a bid for some more time together.

I’d like, I said, for us to come up with something we both like to do that we could do together.


Once a week, for at least an hour.

Thank you.

And he came up with an idea! My wee man!

*Mactime* is born.

We’ll sit together, macs on laps, and share stuff.

I’m always sending him links to things I think he’ll like, and he usually does like them.

He’s excellent at finding new music and knowing what I’ll like.

Now we’re going to have time sitting together sharing them rather than sending e-mails.

And there may be beverages.

We had our first one right there and then. TED talks from me, we watched one together and it was a great one and he liked it and he played me music by the xx and I love it and he made me a mix that I might be able to write to as there are no peaks of chaos in them to take my mind away from what I’m writing.

Woo! *Big smiles*

Then just when I was thinking this is fantastic and declaring myself unable to be more delighted with my birthday, my gentlemanfriend turned up with gifts of such exquisite taste that I held them close to me and rocked back and forth making noises of pleasure.

This birthday will not be forgotten. My 47th.

Sunshine, mactime and exquisite gifts.

And some online friends threw me a pleasure party! Everyone brought pleasures. It was the best.

Hyperbole and a half

Allie draws and she thinks. Hyperbole and a half is her blog.

The facial expressions on her drawings make my mouth hang open in wonder and she makes me laugh.

The Pain

16 times in one day is too many times to hear “I’m sorry we’re very busy, perhaps you’d like to call back at another time”

Especially 4 days in a row.

Wouldn’t you say?

The pain I did something about

A creative and clever idea came into my head about another source of the information I needed.

I called and got through and they were helpful.

Better. Normal breathing has resumed.

The Pleasure Posse

A selection from The Pleasure Posse who’ve been using the #itsapleasure hash tag on twitter

Have you all been away on your holidays or something?

I’ve been here all by myself this week

@paulineesson Working in the garden again. Sun is shining. #itsapleasure

What about you?

I’d love to hear, your pleasure, pain or pain you did something about

You’re most welcome….come and talk pleasure and pain in the comments

Or of course you can tweet about it. And if you use the #itsapleasure hash tag we’ll all be able to see.

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