The Pleasure Report. Week 36. The comatose administrator edition.

Week 36 in a year of pleasure


It’s really me this time. Hello, hello.

But I haven’t moved yet.

There’s been delays. Oh boy, the delays.

Much though I could launch into a long, very long whine/moan about it right away, this very minute, we’ll talk about that later, in the pain.

Aaaand breathe.

*Puts smile on face*

Because I do, still, just, have some pleasure peeking out from under the dense spirit lowering wet blanket of thing that is a pain.

The Pleasure

Thirty four points, sixty seven in wk 33 (the last week I wrote)

And a 17:1 pleasure to pain ratio

A selection of the pleasure

Thomas Moore, Elizabeth Gilbert and Hannah

Together they lifted me out of the big pile of organising and re-organising for just long enough to remember that life won’t always consist entirely of paperwork and phone calls.

Dull paperwork and phone calls.

Thomas. Oh Thomas!

Do you know Thomas Moore?

Do let me introduce you.

He writes books. He’ll talk only soulful stuff to you. For me at least, nothing jars, none of his language induces an ‘eew’ .

He essentially talks about pleasure being central to a well lived life. My kind of man.

I was so sick of arranging, even though there was still a never ending pile of arranging to do, I pushed it out of the way and had a good couple of chapters of Thomas.

Better. Remembering life has a purpose other than admin and arranging.

Later in the week, again about to disappear under the pile, I pushed it aside and took out Elizabeth who I’d been saving for the holiday I cancelled because I thought I’d be moving. *Grits teeth*

I’ve heard a lot that’s not great about ‘eat, pray, love’ but Elizabeth did it for me.

She made me laugh, she made me want to go to Rome, right now, this afternoon and eat good food.

Made me want olives and bread and wine and pizza and ice cream.

She took my sleeping desire for things being a pleasure and shook it out of it’s administratively induced coma.

Then Hannah sent me an e-mail which made me guffaw. Oh boy what a great guffaw that was. ‘Twas a spirit rousing guffaw.


Autumn is my season and it has arrived.

The rosy glow has arrived on the leaves in my garden. Photograph fresh this morning.

I love that.

Love it, love it, love it.

The temperature is just right for wearing tweed.

I love tweed also.

And suede boots are good now too.

Happy days!

I only wish I looked good in hats. Wraps I can carry off though.

Heidi’s potions

Heidi makes lotions and potions for mixed up emotions. Very special, not available anywhere else, sassy aromatherapy. Mmm hmmm.

She’s also just a wonderful creature.

This week she made a video about the potions and boy does she …oh what’s the word……I want to say ‘live’ those potions but that’s not quite it.

Watch the video if you’ve got a minute (or ten I think it is) and see what you think. You’ll have to lean in close as she’s quietly spoken.

See if a better word comes to you to describe how Heidi is as she talks about those potions.

Her, whateveritis, kept me out of the admin coma. Thanks Heidi.

The Pain

The delays.

It’s not the delays, it’s not even the corresponding arrangements.

It’s the corresponding re-arrangements.

Expecting, that it’ll be tomorrow, and making arrangements for that, then it not being tomorrow after all.

And that being the case for weeks and weeks.

Re-arranging things daily for weeks and weeks.

I used to be a manager for a living, and I do manage well. I have an eye for detail, make comprehensive lists and dedicatedly take care of all the arrangements.

But it’s not my idea of a good time and not what I choose to do for a living any more.


It’s nearly over now.


Anyone know a darkened (but gorgeous) room I can retreat to, when it’s all done?

To be by myself with no arrangements to make whatsoever.

For at least a week.

By myself. Everyone please leave and make of me no enquiries. Thank you.

The pain I did something about

I’m serious about the darkened room.


The Pleasure Posse

A selection from The Pleasure Posse who’ve been using the #itsapleasure hash tag on twitter

Uh oh. ‘Older tweets are temporarily unavailable’ says twitter.

So sorry if you were tweeting your pleasures all over the place and they’re lost. Tell me again if it’s not a pain. I especially know the pain of re-doing things this week, eech.

So, it’s alright I have a plan. Here’s one of my favourite archive ones that I think I’ll adopt myself right now

@havi I disapprove of not being on vacation and now insist that everything be fun and include beer or I refuse to do it! #itsapleasure

How about you?

I’ve missed you, how are you, I’d love to hear, your pleasure, pain or pain you did something about

Come and talk pleasure and pain in the comments


Go and hash tag it up on twitter. Use the #itsapleasure hash tag so we can see what you’re up to, and think of you and smile