The Pleasure Report. Week 43. The record pleasure edition with no pain.

Week 43 in a year of pleasure

The pleasure

80 points

And an 80:0 pleasure to pain ratio

It’s another record.

A selection of the pleasure

Enough rest

Stopping to rest.

Not just keeping going. That’s a big thing for me.

I’ve always just kept going until a job was done.

Often I’d keep going when I was really in need of a rest.

When my reluctance to keep going was actually a hint from my body that a rest would be really good now.

I’d glance casually at my resistance out of the corner of my eye as I kept going despite it’s mild protestations, favouring finishing over restoring and refreshing.

This week, I noticed the protests and stopped. I don’t know I’d stop this week all of a sudden.

There’s a couple of times I’ve done it this week.

Mobile phone sorting and washing up.

Oxford Street, London, tired and hot and bothered, marching up and down from one mobile phone branch to another.

Each branch thinking I needed to go to the other branch.

The street full of people doing the ‘stop dead and look up for streetsigns’ lost tourist thing.

The branch saying I needed to call customer service, that they couldn’t deal with the thing.

I’d just had enough of the being hot and bothered and the service not being up to sorting my issue. I needed a rest.

And I took one. Just stopped. And had a coffee.

Despite the monster talk……”But you haven’t sorted it out”, “It’s not even going to be sorted later today”, “What do you think you’re doing, sitting down with a coffee?”

Foregoing completion for rest.


It only took 10 minutes break till I felt fine again, my equilibrium restored. The phone issue got sorted 5 days later.

Not washing up

I’ve had enough of washing up. There’s no dishwasher where I’m staying at the moment.

I like to do my share of the domestics, but I’ve had it with the constant washing up. I cook, I eat, I wash up but when I look up again there’s more plates and cups and glasses. Where did they come from. Always more washing up to do. It’s seemingly endless.

Face fixed in disgruntled look.

But I don’t like needing to wash up after I eat AND then again before I eat in order that there’s enough crockery to eat off, so I’ve just been doing it.

Not this week. I just stopped. Eventually someone else did it.

And I got myself a rest from it.

I didn’t think I’d be able to be at peace with myself not contributing. But this week I was.

I only needed a day and then I felt happy to wash up again.

This taking a rest really has a lot going for it. It works faster than I thought too.

I wish I’d cottoned on a couple of decades earlier.

I’ll be including ‘do nothing and rest’ more often.

More of the pleasure.


So many things are disposable and pared down to the cheapest they can be.

Plasticky and too soon rickety. And often expected to expire a week after the warranty runs out.

*Shudders at the thought*

It really stands out when there’s something of quality. Or a person or service of quality.

I got an old lamp from a charity shop this week. It’s beautiful.

It has a wooden base with gorgeous grain and lovingly polished hue. The electrical fixing standing in place firmly and solidly, looking like it’ll stay that way for a very long time.

The shade’s been beautifully made too. Solid spokes, not flimsy. Fabric lining the shade so all the shade spokes are encased in a beautifully sewn seam. Ah! Swoon.

And listening to Ella Fitzgerald on vinyl through old speakers. What a beautiful, rich, warm sound.

I love that quality. The solid, you can rely on me, nature of it.

The, I’ll do what I say I’ll do and won’t let you down quality. What a delight amongst all the casual and the flimsy.


Mental space.

I’ve been taking time for myself. Finding it even when surrounded by people full time. I didn’t know how to do that. If there’s people around, I’m usually mentally on duty, waiting to respond to a comment or request. I still don’t know how to say I’m not available whilst sitting in the midst of people, or to keep tv noise from seeping in when I’m trying to concentrate. I still need a door to do that well.

But I’ve been going out and walking and that does the job well enough.

The Pain


This is quite a phenomenon. I’m both curious and gazing in wide eyed wonder at the zero.

There have been things that aren’t as I’d like them to be.

They’ve just not hit the health affecting point of getting a chemical reaction in my body.

I seem to have put the necessary space around things, a kind of protection layer.

Phone problems and poor service when dealing with it. It’s ok, I have a spare so I don’t need to persist with the Oxford Street branch to branch hiking and muster the energy to be insistent with people who have not the authority, knowledge, skill or training to sort the problem anyway.

I can stop, have a coffee and a sit down. And feel for them. It must be very uncomfortable being so short staffed and not yet trained themselves yet being put out to face the public on he sales floor.

Removal company unavailable. It doesn’t matter. I’ve arranged an open ended stay here where I am so there’s no pressure. None of the back to back moving I might have arranged before. None of the hunting round for other companies and negotiating.

I’ve allowed for space in between. All very relaxed. Feels very pleasant.

The pain I did something about

No pain. Nothing to be done about it. Lovely.

I’m grateful for the protection I seem to have inadvertently put in place. I’ll pay attention to that. See where else I’ve bolstered myself against the pain.

The Pleasure Posse

A selection of pleasure tweets from twitter this week using the #itsapleasure hash tag.

No tweets this week. Cupboard’s bare. Maybe next week.

How about you?

How’s your week been?

Your pleasure and pain, if not on twitter then how about here, in the comments.

Go on, go on, go on! (she said in an encouraging soft Irish accent mimicking the lovely Father Ted character).

The comments await you and welcome you and your comments.

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