The Pleasure Report. Week 44. The beautiful lights edition

Week 44 in a year of pleasure

The Pleasure

Seventy points and a 70:1 pleasure to pain ratio.

A selection of the pleasure

Declaring myself satisfied

I was having one of those long list of boring things to do days with nothing concluded.

Rather than spend the evening with a sense of frustration lurking, I decided to round up the progress made and declare myself satisfied with having done as much as I could and that was quite a lot.

It gave the evening a different feel to it.

I was surprised that it worked. Normally the frustrated that we’re not done part of me can’t really be persuaded that anything less than concluded is satisfactory.

It normally demands that I don’t rest until all the jobs are done. Must be mellowing.

Good, in person, phone help

In complete contrast with last week’s phone escapades, I had the most wonderful surprise this week.

I had the most gracious help from people who really knew what they were doing.

And I didn’t lose any data. And so didn’t have to spend hours entering it all again.

They had this fantastic little gadget that transferred all my old data over. In seconds.

And they did everything with such graciousness and humour.

They just made everything easy and smooth and effortless for me.

So rare and so wonderful to find.

And E.J. , that was the name of the second person who helped me, E.J. had very pink nails tapping against a black keyboard which I found mesmerising.

And, it turns out, E.J. is short for something which means safe journey (through life).

How lovely is that?!

Beautiful lights

Christmas lights can be really naff.

Local councils getting out the twenty year old sets of lights and hoisting them back up again for another year.

Long past their best.

So, I don’t have high expectations where Christmas lights are concerned.

I turned a corner in London this week and found a street, full of beautiful lights.


So delightful, I had a sit down in a cafe, just to gaze at them.

(The photograph. A phone camera photograph. Really doesn’t do it justice. It’s the classic ‘real lights in a poor photo or a great photo of some other lights’ dilemma. I went for the real lights.)

The Pain

Messy again.

It’s 4 messy, one tidy.

I’m outnumbered and it’s impossible to keep things looking beautifully cared for, for longer than about half an hour. Five minutes is more like it.

And I have tried to be all relaxed and hey it’s ok. But it is not ok and it does affect my equilibrium.

It’s hard, when outnumbered, not to feel like the baddie. No-one else minds, so why are you such a pernickety and fussy creature.

Hard to let what I need be ok to need.

Breathe. Breathe again. Not long to go now.

The pain I did something about.

The mess. There’s not long to go now, so it’s short term measures only needed.

Gin and tonic.

Turn and face the corner of the room where there’s least mess.

Find some e-mails and such to absorb me.

Good. Not long now.

The Pleasure Posse

Pleasure tweets on twitter this week using the #itsapleasure hash tag

yermam @idiotjohnson #itsapleasure

kvl0 RT @_dallasmusic @kvl0 @akamusic_nl Mercieeeeeeee voor de bijdrage! xxx #kanvanafvijfeuro #itsapleasure

paulineesson dark purple, flowing, draping knitwear and I’m gorgeous! #itsapleasure

How about you?

How’s your pleasure and pain balance looking like this week?

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