The Pleasure Report. Week 45. The sleep edition.

Week 45 in the year of pleasure

The Pleasure

72 points

And a 72:1 pleasure to pain ratio

A selection of the pleasure


We don’t know whether it’s a coincidence that we’d tried a bottle of sulphite free wine.

We also don’t know whether it’s a coincidence that old snorehead had seen a doctor about the state of his nasal passages and had been given medicine which worked.

And it may be that I’d got several things that had been preying on my mind worked out.

Whatever contributed to my very good night’s sleep, I thank you.

I’m going to try the wine again anyway. Lovely stuff from

Mmmm hmmmm.


I have a long cardigan. It’s flowing, it’s elegant, it’s soft, it’s flattering and I love it.

In fact I rarely take it off these days.

All of these qualities commend themselves to me and yet they’re not the best thing.

The colour is the best thing. You’d be forgiven for calling it brown. But if you get a bit closer, or rest your eyes on it just a bit longer, you can see that it’s got multiple shades tones and hues.

Like ……uuummm…….oh, I can’t put my finger on it………….don’t know, but I do love it.

Then I saw the colour on the label.


What amazing colour naming by Kew. It is like peat.

Now I love it and have an affectionate name for it too.


Good music on vinyl, playing through good, old, rich sounding speakers.

Sitting on the sofa companionably, making no demands of ourselves just for the next couple of hours, just chatting or not as some thought arrived.

Candles wafting neroli wafts

Sulphite free wine.

And a clean floor.

All was well.

The pain

Very little sleep

After going to bed early, I was awake at 1am.

My mind was swirling.

Everything I needed to remember and things I had to work out solutions for.

I’m moving into my new home on Monday and there’s curtain poles to measure for and fabric to buy and people to call and telephone connections to chase up and………..

Oh so, so much.

I used to be great at all that arranging. I still am if I can be bothered.

I used to enjoy being organised, even take pride in my efficiency. And so I’d give myself to it happily and with gusto.

I thought it was my thing.

Now it just bores the pants off me. And I look at the list of calls and things to organise and kind of wilt down a little.

Efficiency misses me. It wants me back and wakes me at night to come and play at organising.

Well it did get me this time. 1am till 6am, it had me writing down all the things we needed to remember.

And doing the things we could do on the night shift.

It smiled happily, having got me back. I maintained a neutral stare.

Then when it wasn’t looking I went back to bed and slept for the morning.

The pain I did something about

Rather than struggle through the day after not sleeping, I went back to bed.

Even though there were things to do.

And luxury too. I put a blanket on the radiator and wrapped my cold, slightly night chilled, self in warmth and drifted off to the sleep I’d been snatched from so rudely.

The Pleasure Posse

Using the #itsapleasure hashtag on twitter this week

@yarnscape almost-fresh tomato. Made with tinned tomatoes, garlic, basil, olive oil. And the secret ingredient: Bread! #itsapleasure!

@LadyChrisMyers Monkey Bread and Bailey’s Coffee for breakfast Thanksgiving morning. #itsapleasure.

How about you?

How’s your pleasure and pain been this week?

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