The Pleasure Report. Week 47. The no pain edition.

Week 47 in a year of pleasure

The Pleasure

56 points

and a 56 : 0 pleasure to pain ratio

A selection of the pleasure

Unpacking with Catherine Feeny

She has such a beautiful clear voice and the production on the album makes it sound like she’s in the room.

And her lyrics are deeply observant of life. I love that quality of attention.

Those were qualities I enjoyed having in the room with me as I went about the unpacking.

Giving my new home that same quality of attention, absorbing hers by osmosis and letting it also be in me and in the house while I unpack.

All the considerations that make a home a home and make each room wonderful to be in.

Where this would look beautiful and which lamp would be good in this place.

How many lamps and which soft light bulbs will give this room the warmth it wants and this room the brightness it needs.

All given good attention and the time needed because Catherine’s music reminded me I like to give things that attention.

My gentlemanfriend gave me Catherine’s album. Not just a random ‘oh you might like this’ kind of giving me an album.

He listened to the music and knowing how I appreciate Catherine’s kind of reflection, thought I’d like it.

Really considered me. Paying that close attention. Mmmm hmmmm.

I don’t think he knows just how attractive that makes him to me.

*smiles happily*

Which gives me another quality that I’m very happy to have buzzing about the room while I unpack.

All in all, my new home is getting very nicely imbued with good, good stuff.

The curve of branches

I look out of my bedroom window onto gardens.

Yesterday was minus 4 degrees and everything had that mystical hoar frost.

Spectacular. I took a photo it was that good (the photo does it NO justice).

Then today the frost was gone and at first I thought that without the magic coat it was quite a boring suburban view. One dull featureless back of house, a shed roof and an overly cut back tree.

But….if I have the left hand curtain cover a third of the window it blocks out the featureless bland of the back of house and makes a frame for the tree.

I didn’t notice while the frost took the starring role but the tree has beautiful curves.

Calmingly beautiful.

Busy but keeping the quality of attention

Unpacking is a full time job and the regular stuff, eating, washing body and clothes etc doesn’t go away and I also had some other exceptional things needing done….and ah yes it’s Christmas and also my wee man needs a lift to various appointments that aren’t normally on the agenda.

So things are busy. Way more to do than there’s time for.

Normally at this point of overwhelm I’d speed over things, in a tense kind of way. Bracing myself for….. I’m not really sure what.

Things would be prioritised, things would get done but in this tense kind of way.

The way where I feel nothing, a mildly paralysed state where if it gets done, that’s all that matters.

But there’s no quality to it. No feeling in it. Survival mode. Getting through it.

Not the mode for a year of pleasure.

This time I was relaxed enough to feel things and notice things.

Still noticing the pleasures when overbusy.

Wow. That’s better.

The Pain

Nil pwa.


It’s happened again. Nothing that registered a physical nark.

Plenty that you’d lightly describe as a pain in the **se, but none affected me.

Merry Christmas to me!

The Pleasure Posse

This week’s pleasure tweets from twitter

@yarnscape @paulineesson almost-fresh tomato. Made with tinned tomatoes, garlic, basil, olive oil. And the secret ingredient: Bread! #itsapleasure!

@sarahbairstow Forest green flannel sheets. #itsapleasure (hi @paulineesson , happy unpacking!)

What about you?

How’s your week been?

How’s your pre x-mas pleasure coming along?

Come and let it all spill out in the comments.