The Pleasure Report. Week 48. The warm and happy edition.

Week 48 in a year of pleasure

The Pleasure

Seventy two points

And a 72:0 pleasure to pain ratio

A selection of the pleasure

No pain corporate contact

My ‘hollow speak’ radar is extremely sensitive.

Meaningless jargon really jars

And I weep at the system based encounters, that make up most service industry interactions now

And it’s everywhere.

The scripts that call centre staff are required to robot you through.

The way few ever last long enough to become experienced and can’t advise you if your question isn’t on the script without putting you on hold to consult a supervisor.

Some highways guy on the radio desperately trying to avoid saying yes we are going to run out of salt because we’ve already spent all the budget.

And the interview being more about the combat of the interview rather than the matter of keeping the roads open or the duty to shareholder financial choices made that mean we don’t have the equipment to clear the runways

Big deep breaths called for to get through all that.

This week I had three separate corporate contacts during which not one single hollow word was spoken, during which not one empty jargony phrase was spouted and during which, in fact, I felt like I was talking to an equal human being who wanted to do their very best to work with me, co-operate with me or to provide the service they were there to provide in easy and enjoyable ways.


Oh yes, the capital letters come out for that. This is up there for celebration along with Christmas. It is very Christmassy actually. Humans helping humans and enjoying it.

It may seem sad that just having humans behaving as humans has become a joy, but a joy it is. Merry Christmas!


Literal warmth this time.

It’s been a bit on the chilly side, you’ll have noticed, I’m sure.

And I do feel the cold unlike my gentlemanfriend who is a bit of a furnace.

I tend to forget there’s things I can do to not feel the cold so much and just keep on tramping about the place feeling cold and thinking that’s how it is when the temperature is minus 6.

We were out having a mooch around in town when the snow started falling and my feet started to feel colder than cold.

We stopped for lunch in the cafe (attached to the most excellent bread shop and boy can they make pastry 🙂 ) and I mention my feet are cold despite my boots and socks.

Out of his bag my gentlemanfriend produces his new thick thermal socks that he’s just bought and hands them to me.

I put them over the radiator in the cafe and put them on once they were warm. Oh heaven. I so love feeling warm.

Then when we got home, rather than just getting on with things I made it my mission to resume happy body temperature before doing anything else.

Warm is number one priority. It’s going to get attention.

Pashmina on the radiator, mulled wine on to warm and spice through.

That feeling as the warm makes its way through you and you feel it spreading until there’s no cold left, only warm. Oh happy, happy.

I positively glow.

The wife I never knew I wanted

I was running a bit late and in that case I’d normally forgo doing the writing I wanted to do and catch up later but my gentelmanfriend asked whether I’d like to still write.

I did still want to write and so he said then do.

He then made eggs mushrooms and tomatoes for us, dismantled a chair I wanted to take to the tip, washed up and brought me coffee while I wrote.

I’m so happy.

And no you can’t have him.

No, not even a short loan.

The Pain

It’s happened again. Two weeks running now.

Nil pwa on the pain.

And I just moved house!

I was expecting the pain to be peaking about now.

It’s week 48 in the year of pleasure.

I’ve been focusing on the existing pleasures in my life, and noting the pain too, for 48 weeks and things do seem to have changed.


I should do a podcast so you could see the quizzical smile on my face.

Two weeks in a row. That’s worth investigating.

And I will.

I’d always planned a big review towards the end of the year of pleasure and I’m taking next week off for just that kind of mulling.

How about you?

How’s your very nearly Christmas week been?

Come and vent or glow and share all in the comments

The lovely Hannah will be guest posting week 49 while I’m away, to be posted Monday 3rd Jan, and I’ll be back with the pleasure report week 50 on 6th January.

If you do Christmas, I wish you a lovely, lovely one and if not then maybe some pleasure filled time off.

Kisses. It’s Christmas!

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