It’s a pleasure doing business with you!


It’s a pleasure doing business with you.

I don’t know why, but that always has an Irish accent when I say it in my head and is followed by ‘and so it is’ and maybe also ‘to be sure’.  I have a great and genuine affection for the Irish, I’m not taking the p**s.


Anyway, there’s important matters of pleasure to discuss. No accent distractions.

Back to the pleasure.


Wouldn’t that be nice? Wouldn’t you like that immensely?

Whenever you spent any money at all, that it was a pleasure to do so.

Not just the thing that you were buying but the process of buying it.


I think it would make it more mindful as well. If you’re going to consume….doing it mindfully and with pleasure….ah lovely

I’d like that. Vaarrrry much.


Would you?

I’d also like it if it were the stated intention of the business to make it a pleasure and they welcomed you telling them what would make it a pleasure.

Imagine that. Nothing could give them greater pleasure than to make it a pleasure for you to do business with them.

I would forgive a lot if I knew it was their earnest endeavour to do that.

And it would mean you didn’t have to brace yourself before asking for something, knowing that they positively welcome requests.


My motivation

I think I’m mourning the loss of really good service.

The slow erosion of service levels over years of needing to do more for less.

The automation of things with the customer focus dropping off a little bit each time.

And the spirits of those needing to work with the new systems draining away little by little.


With that in mind, I decided I would start asking companies that I do business with, whether they would be willing to ‘make it a pleasure’ for me to do business with them.

I’d write, or ask in person, for whatever it is that would make it a pleasure, and invite them to become a company who has ‘made it a pleasure’


Then I thought …….we could all do it!

We could start a ‘Make it a Pleasure’ campaign

You could do it too!


We’d tell companies, who we think would welcome hearing from us, what would make doing business with them more of a pleasure.

Let them know that everytime they do that, we’ll be publicly applauding them here on the new ‘Make it a pleasure’ page.


We’ll end up with a pleasure trove!


We could also let them know about The Pleasure Theory research project and invite them to support it with a donation.

Now that’s exciting. Wouldn’t you say?


Join me?


Pick a company you love or would like to ask something of.

Tell them you’re taking part in the ‘make it a pleasure’ campaign and that instances of ‘making it a pleasure’ will be rewarded with public praise


It could be something they’re already doing anyway that makes doing business with them a pleasure or something you’ve asked them to do differently

Sample letter below to use if you like. Change the words to suit you or write your own from scratch if it doesn’t seem right for you.


And then come and let everyone know about it here in the comments.


Maybe something like



xxxxxxxxxx company made it a pleasure for me!


They do……….

That makes it a pleasure for me because…………






xxxxxxxxxxx company made it a pleasure for me


I asked them to…………..

They did……………

And now it’s a pleasure doing business with them.




(Small print) I’m taking it on trust, at least for the time being, that you’re not the MD, don’t work for the company and haven’t been paid to write in.


I’m starting today.

I’m going to write to a supermarket I used to shop at, let them know why I left and what would make it a pleasure doing business with them again.


Having worked as a retail manager and in management development for most of my working life, I have to admit I’m not exactly easy to please.

My standards of customer service are ….high probably doesn’t express it….I don’t know…lunar…well you get it….


They used to stock two of the things that are little pleasures in my week

Clipper earl grey tea bags and battered haddock fish fingers.

When they stopped the Clipper earl grey I tried most of the other brands they had and I don’t like them.

Yes. I’m discerning. And it’s one of my small pleasures, gone. I don’t expect sympathy, I know I’m not starving here.

But…..battered haddock fish fingers ….oh boy….have you tried them? With a poached egg on top.



Anyway they vanished.

I enquired.

No we don’t stock them anymore.

Could they stock them again?

We make a note of requests.


And then?

We send them in. They review.


Maybe once a quarter.



So, not willing to wait three months for a maybe, I’m shopping elsewhere now.

If they would stock those two things again, in response to my customer request, it would be a pleasure.

Because of the things, of course, but also because of the listening and putting customers first.

I’ll write to them today and see whether they would like to be the first ‘make it a pleasure’ example.


And if they do, we’ll have our first ‘xxxxx made it a pleasure for me’

And it’s everyone round to mine for battered haddock fishfingers with poached eggs on top!


Have you got one? Something you’d like to be more of a pleasure?

Go for it…give it a go asking them whether they’ll ‘make it a pleasure’ for you.

Use the sample letter if you like or edit to suit.

Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear if you’re doing it.


Please join me in putting service and our spirits back onto the list of what’s important.

Hopefully I’ll have battered haddock fish fingers to report back on soon.


Sample letter


Dear Company


I’m writing to you with praise and also with the opportunity to make doing business with you more of a pleasure.



xxxxx this is where you say what you like about them.



Opportunity to make life more of a pleasure.

xxxxxx this is where you ask them to do what would make it a pleasure



I’d like to invite you to ‘make it a pleasure’ for me to do business with you.

xxxxxxx Summary of what would make it a pleasure (if it was long and a summary would be helpful)


If you’re able and willing to do this, to make it a pleasure for me, I’d like to praise you from the rooftops.

And I’d like to do that for all companies who want to make doing business with them a pleasure.


I am taking part in the ‘Make it a Pleasure’ campaign.


Every time a company ‘Makes it a Pleasure’ doing business with them, they’ll be featured on the ‘Make it a Pleasure’ campaign page at


This company ‘made it a pleasure’ for me and a description of what they did to make it a pleasure.


Oh and you should know, this is a ‘highlight the good’ campaign. There is no naming or blaming of companies who, for whatever reason, didn’t make it a pleasure.



There’s more.

Nearly done but there’s one more opportunity for you to make life more of a pleasure all round.


This ‘Make it a Pleasure’ campaign is just one part of The Pleasure Theory, an overarching piece of work and research concerned with promoting life as a pleasure.

The parts of The Pleasure Theory are currently


Life’s a pleasure

Work’s a pleasure

Business is a pleasure, where this ‘Make it a Pleasure’ campaign sits


See more about the project at


If you like what you see, there’s an opportunity for you to be involved at an early stage of this important work and to support the research by making a donation at

the names of all supporters will be published

You can really make a difference

Thank you.


I think you’re a company who would want to know what their customers think and so I’m hoping that this letter is welcome.

I look forward with anticipation to having you take pride of place on the ‘make it a pleasure’ page very soon.


Yours sincerely