Russell puts the pleasure back

Whether you’re a fan of the man or not, Russell Grant is a fantastic example of someone who has

put the pleasure back in his life.

And I am a huge fan of that.


He asked himself what was missing in his life and got the answer.

Music, dance and drama.

Here’s an article about it


I’m going to ask him for an interview.

Well there’s one question I’d like to ask.



What was it that got you to ask yourself  ‘what’s missing’?

Because once you decide to do something , and asking what’s missing is doing something, it can be all systems go from there.

But getting from no desire or will to do anything, to doing something, what got you to that point?

I’d be really interested in hearing about that.

You too

If you’ve got from no desire or will to having some desire to put the pleasure back, I’d be really interested in hearing what it was that got you there.

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