The Year of Pleasure at Work – The Highlights



Welcome to Year Two

Highlights from the 2nd year of pleasure.


The 2nd year in which I kept a very happy eye on what was a pleasure for me and what was a pain.

I have kept note and basked in all that was a pleasure and added a filter.


Which, and how many, of the pleasures and pains that I had, came from work.

And so this, year two, this has become my Year of Pleasure at Work


We are now at week 44 in this Year of Pleasure at Work.

I know!

Did you think I had died?

There were moments when I thought maybe it would be kinder to put me out of my misery.


I have been working on a particular project which I thought would be perfect for me.

But it changed its nature, expanded to 3 times its size, grew several more heads and proceeded to writhe and flail about demanding immediate and constant attention.

Every time we thought we’d got things under control, it grew a few more heads.



My favourite only activity at home in the evening became ……. lying down.


I’ve finished my stint feeding the many headed monster and have had a long, very long, lie down.

Now I’m restored, back here with you and ready to write about the Year of Pleasure at Work.

I kept gathering the pleasure and the pain all the way through the year so it was all there for me to review once the lie down had done it’s work.

I’ll feed all that rich soup of blood sweat and tears into the pleasure at work research project….did I mention there’s some big, serious researching going on this year? More later.

For now, here at the blog, drum roll please…………….. here are the highlights.


Pleasures and pains from my Year of Pleasure at Work (so far).


The Pleasure


Pleasure. An average of 70 a week, of which an average of 10 came from work.


Highest week for number of pleasures 144, of which 38 came from work,

Lowest pleasures week, 17, of which 4 came from work

(144 is a record for the whole of the two years so far, 80 was the record for year one)

I’m sounding like a lottery programme here. I don’t know when the geek in me who is interested in these figures arrived but it is so and now I have the figures as well as the descriptions to let you have a look at. I’m even itching to work through the figures to see if there’s a prime pleasures day…maybe a surprise Wednesday….

Enough, descriptions now….at heart we’re all about the qualitative.


Though….you do don’t you?

You want to know what was going on in the week of 144 pleasures now, don’t you?

I was letting go. (see below in the life changing events section).


There were eleven key things that have been making work a pleasure for me. That’s way too many to embellish.

I’ll go for three and see how long it’s getting, you can always beg me for more if you find you can’t sleep for not knowing what the other eight are.


Pleasure at work number one:

Colleagues who care about me.

About me as a person, not just the part of me that does the work.


Jenny of the biggest human heart, probably on the planet, at least in the UK, and certainly of the humans I’ve met.

Even when the pressure is great, taking time to ask how I am, how my wee man is, how my gentlemanfriend is, as well as how that last course or coaching session went and to listen attentively and interestedly.

And the hugs. Oh boy. You haven’t had a hug till you’ve had a Jenny hug. She is a healing power that woman.


And Karen, doing the same, all of the above except the hugs, with the special addition of making you feel gifted, talented and quite brilliant while she listens.

How wonderful.

That’s a talent wouldn’t you say!?

And I got to be on the receiving end of it. WHAT a gift.


And Mary saying ‘take time to work at home on that if you like’ when she saw my introverted self whimpering, unable to think, in the open plan office noise.

To have colleagues that are concerned for my needs and looking out for me. Such kindness.

I expect people under such pressure to have developed some self protective numbness to the needs of others so it’s a most welcome surprise to find care like this.


Pleasure at work number two:


And plenty of it


Coaching for me to help work my way out of some confusion

Even when there was no time, being willing to redesign a training session when I was worried about the content of it doing the job we wanted it to.

And also when there was no time, finding time, somehow, to answer all the questions I might have trouble answering to ease my freakout.

My gentlemanfriend redesigning my business cards for me on a weekend. I love them.

AND the new banner for the website…you like?



Pleasure at work number three:

Being valued and appreciated


I have never been so appreciated as I have been this year.

I’m swimming in praise.

Actually, it’s been so relentless that I’ve begun to believe it.


Michelle took the time to come and find me and tell me that she found my course inspiring.


And she said it within earshot of the person who agrees my rates.


The word brilliant has been used in relation to me, more than once!

And unique (in a good way).

And wise.

(widen that door, I don’t want to get my head stuck)


A good year.


This has led to a first.

The first time, in 30 years of work, that I have felt satisfied with the work that I’ve done.

I’ve come to trust what I have to offer, trust it enough to offer it, even when it might not be the familiar way.

And a little boldness has crept in, I’ve begun suggesting things that are almost radical.

Having a little lie down on a course after lunch to let your body do what it needs to do, divert it’s attention to digestion.

(A familiar way of managing the graveyard spot is to have a power walk )

Those who weren’t terrified of being seen ‘not powering through’, had just 5 minutes lie down and they felt great again. Radical.


Suggesting that work could be a pleasure, rather than stress you to the point of illness. Radical?


An extra one

I was going to include only pleasures that were directly work related, this being the year of Pleasure at Work an’ all.

However something life changing happened this year that I think merits inclusion.


My wee man got a place at University and moved away to study.

(Don’t spoil it by explaining to me how they probably don’t actually do any studying)

I know going to University is a rather normal thing for a lot of people,and that ‘life changing’ might seem a bit dramatic.

For us though, the prospect of a place at University had worn down into the faintest whisper of a possibility and it came to us by way of a miracle for which we are deeply grateful.

And though it’s dramatic language, it has changed both our lives profoundly.


My wee man gets that delicate combination of freedom and responsibility

And what I don’t see, I don’t worry over, so I get to let go

And we were both in dire need of that.


Quite a year!

The other eight things that made work a pleasure for me this year I’ll feed into the ‘work’s a pleasure’ research.

Get in touch if you’re interested in contributing to the pleasure at work research. I’d be delighted to include you.


The Pain


Eleven things that really make work a pleasure for me.

Seven main ones, I see, make it less than a pleasure for me.


A weekly average of 3 things that were a pain, of which 1 was from work

Highest pain week 15, of which 2 were from work

Lowest pain week, zero

(18 is the highest number of pain points in a week which happened twice early on in year one)


When work’s far from a pleasure, number one


Lack of vision

When all that I do, all the work, all the hours, all the close attention, all the love poured in, are not in service of something that is meaningful to me.

In service of something that feels important, for the good of mankind and not just in service of profit or the promotion of an individual.

Without that, why?

In the greater scheme of things, why?


Until that’s answered I don’t think we need go on.


And that,

that concludes the summary of the second Year of Pleasure at Work.



This Friday, 18th November, we start the series of interviews with amazing people for whom

work was far from a pleasure.

Hear what their turning point was and how they reached it.

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