Miracles for 2012




Hello. How are you today?

A pleasurific day I hope?



Now, before I reveal the big, big news, did you read The Pleasure Manifesto last week?

And did you have an answer to the question?

THE question. The one about the rest of your life and how it’s going to be?


Well, while you were making up your mind about whether you were going to have a life of pleasure or not I ran ahead and made you something.

You know, just in case you had a mild curiosity about how a life of pleasure might be.

How it might result in an endorphin producing, good energy generating, life of pleasure.


It’s the place to start if you think there might, just might, be something in this pleasure malarkey.

It could be your stocking filler to yourself to make your 2012 quite a different year altogether.


Here, have a look

Drum roll………..

Curtains peeling back slowly……….

I give you……….


The Pleasure Assessor


Now do us all a favour,

you, me, your neighbours, the world,

buy it for yourself

and one for everyone you love too

and let’s make 2012 a pleasure!







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