The Pleasure Report. Week 48 Year 2. The Pleasure Assessor edition.

Week 48 in this 2nd year of pleasure


The Pleasure

One hundred and two points

Forty three of those were at work

And a 102:1 pleasure to pain ratio


A selection of the pleasure


I made something

I’m so happy about my dear sweet thing. I made The Pleasure Assessor

I’ve happily designed countless courses and countless coaching programmes and they’ve always been for one company or one person

This is for the world. This is the first thing I’ve made that’s for the world

(Rumour has it that I need to narrow my niche a bit more than that for marketing purposes and ok maybe I will, but for now I’m just excited to have something to offer the world. Something that will make a difference)

And I’m ridiculously grateful for all the tech support I got from Leah that made it so much more of a pleasure to get it out into the world. And for Howard’s priceless help with graphic design. He made it gorgeous as well as helpful (though I find myself wanting to call it, her)

And now my job is to maither people endlessly till they do the right thing and buy it and let it lead them into having more pleasure in their lives, changing their world and their mark upon it and their subsequent contribution to world pleasure (and peace)

That’ll keep me busy, I imagine


Domestics at pleasurable levels

My wee man has been away at University now for a few months. And the level of domestic drudgery has reduced considerably

And I like it. Boy do I like it

I thought that I just didn’t like any domestic duties, that they were boring and repetitive and that I’d never be happy doing them more than about once a year

But it’s not so. It was just the amount of time that they took was beyond what I was happy with


Bin empty once a week

Washing 3 loads per week, hung out in between writing

Evening meal 15 minutes daily

Washing up 5 minutes daily

I don’t dirty dishes at breakfast or lunch as I eat fruit for those

Clearing up kitchen after late night snack making  zero minutes daily

Ironing 15 minutes per week

Cleaning a bit at a time as I go so it doesn’t feel like it took any extra time at all


Now I don’t mind doing that one little bit.

What a revelation

(Tonight I collect my we man, home from Uni for Christmas for nearly five weeks. There may need to be some discussions about what would be a pleasure around domestics)


Radio programme…..uh…so good

I heard a Ted Hughes memorial programme on the radio this week. It was just wonderful

The quality of it, and the qualities it contained, uh… so good

It’s making me breathe out with relief not even realising those qualities had been absent lately

I’ve been watching Strictly Come Dancing and Masterchef the Professionals on TV

The thing I like about those is watching people stretch and grow beyond what they thought themselves capable of and the pleasure they take from that.  But to see that you also have to take the fear and judgement and everyone claiming that their view is the right one about what good looks like

It’s very tense

It’s also looking outside of yourself for approval and recognition which isn’t something that ever ends that well in my experience

It’s actually stressful to watch but I hadn’t noticed

By contrast, the Ted Hughes programme had no fear, no judgement, no critisism

Loving observations and descriptions of how he worked from friends and his widow

It was beautiful to listen to, loving and peaceful and secure, safe, no-one was about to have a go



The Pain

A surprisingly large mobile phone bill

Not mine

Least said……….



The Pleasure Posse

Pleasure shared on twitter using the #itsapleasure hashtag

@paulineesson pleasure of the day so far warm towels #itsapleasure

@HeidiFischbach waking up early and writing #itsapleasure

@JimboR87 Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world combined. There u go, there’s my fact of the day for u! #itsapleasure

@susanamtz #ilikeitwhen @salma____ touches my cheek #itsapleasure


How about you?

How’s your week been?

Come and tell us the pleasure and the pain….tell us tell us tell us…see you in the comments






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