The Pleasure (at work) Report. Year 3, Week 2



Week 2 in this, the 3rd year of pleasure


The Pleasure (at work)


Overall, forty nine points of which 12 were at work


And a 12:1 pleasure to pain ratio

A selection of the pleasure at work

Gorgeous example of pleasure at work and the effect on sales


As part of my pleasure research this week I watched a tv programme about a group of young jobseekers

They were given the opportunity, amongst other things, to run small retail stores with a little guidance from the existing managers


They were really inspiring to watch as they rose to the challenge of managing staff and putting on events to boost sales

When they found the balance between giving clear direction and having a lot of fun in the events that they put on they were most successful


The programme isn’t setting out to make this point but on the days when they were fearful they struggled to make their sales targets and on the day when they made it a pleasure and everyone had fun putting on the event one woman nearly made double the sales target


They’re a great example of what it could look like to really enjoy a day at work

I found that so encouraging and inspiring to watch


It’s a series of 3, The Career Crashers on Monday at 7pm on BBC3 with last week’s one available to watch again if you’re quick




Someone getting recognition


I met up with a client I worked with last year and she is doing really well

And getting recognition for her achievements

So heart warming


One of her dreams has already happened

And there are more in the pipeline


My heart could not be warmer

Best thing!



Early morning preparation for the day – red sky and garden


I usually take some time in the morning to prepare myself for the day and give specific thought to clients that I have sessions with during that day.

The time of year affects where this happens. This time of year it normally happens under the duvet with tea and a pashmina.

One day this week the early morning sky was extraordinarily red and the temperature extraordinarily mild so I took my tea outside and sat there and it was absolutely gorgeous. I wish I’d taken a photograph.

It was red with slashes of deep dark slate grey slicing through along with that pale, pale but brilliantly lit blue.

I have a photograph from a year ago that’s similar.



The pain (at work)


Late for a client session


I have never been late for a client session

That might be hard to believe (given how old I am and how long I’ve been seeing clients) but it’s true

I view being on time as a mark of respect for all involved in any given meeting

I’ve been known to run over at the end of a session (ahem….apologies, I’m working on respect for the time at the end as well as at the beginning of our meetings) but, getting back to my pain in this instance, I have never been late


This week I allowed an hour, for a half hour journey, to meet a new client

I pictured me drinking coffee and having a very relaxed contemplative time before my client arrived

There was a traffic jam from Welwyn all the way back to Codicote and the half hour journey took me one and a half hours and I was a full half hour late

That I didn’t just melt from the horror of it is the biggest miracle of all

I’m not sure I properly recovered from it for the whole session after I did arrive

I hope I’ll have the chance to recover things in 2 weeks when we meet again

When we’ll have found a new meeting place that avoids the roadworks which appeared to be the only thing causing the delay




The Pleasure Posse


This week, using the #itsapleasure hash tag on twitter are a selection of people who I ……um…..I don’t think have necessarily

Let’s say there’s a tipping over into the night hours which I don’t judge but is probably outside the scope….ah yes, that’s the way to put it, is outside the scope of this blog


So, I’ll refrain from featuring their posts



How about you?

How’s your week been?

Come and tell all in the comments, I’d love to hear about your pleasure and your pain this week










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