The Pleasure Report. Year 3 Week 4. The radical edition with gold nuggets



The Pleasure


Eighty four points

And a 28:1 pleasure to pain ratio


A selection of the pleasure


Oil on canvas – radical idea


I paint. With oils. For fun.

I stand there and intuitively put oil paint onto canvas, usually very thickly, with a palette knife

For me it’s less about what they look like, though that seems ridiculous, given that looking at them is pretty much all you can do and people do say things like ‘Wow, I love that!” when they see them

And people do see things in them; the sea, a hill, the horizon, a landscape, though that’s not what I tried to paint

But I think it’s more about what people feel when they look at them, they seem to feel the energy the pictures give off


Painting in this way is one of my greatest pleasures

When I love what’s happening on the canvas I can get really excited, making such moans of pleasure, that anyone outside of the room hearing me, might think twice about coming in

I know *blushes*


I only ever paint like this for myself

But other people like the pictures as well. And I’ve been commissioned to do one.


And it’s been suggested that I sell them*

(Calm colour for that, staying calm)

I would never have thought to sell them



I had an initial hot flush of terror with accompanying thoughts of ‘these are naive and embarrassing, you can not do that, you’ll make a complete laughing stock of yourself”

But the people who said they loved them (before they knew I painted them) were convincing

Convincing enough for me to go ahead and offer them for sale.

If some people love them then that’s enough for me


And I suppose there would eventually have come a day when I had no wall space left.

And I have really enjoyed just giving them away when people said ‘wow, I love that’

And now they are up for sale


I’ve taken my first steps

Using just my point and shoot camera I photographed them and put them onto a webpage so they can be seen


That, my friends, is possibly one of the more radical things I’ve done.


There’s still some matters to take care of ;

– I will get better photographs as there’s glare and blur and other problems

– What to call them eludes me

They’re kind of fresh and raw, and I don’t think of them as art. I haven’t found a word that does seem right though

And haven’t come up with a title for any of them either

Ha!  I now have the highly imaginative, ‘intuitive abstract number 1’

–  I’m also still at a loss as to how to put a price on them, any suggestions on how to do that would be very welcome

In the meantime I’m inviting offers, but I know that’s off-putting. If I don’t know how to price them, doesn’t seem fair    to ask you to do it

–  Postage pricing to work out


BUT they are visible


One of the most pleasurable parts about this, is if they do sell, and I receive an income from them, then I will be funding my time to do the pleasure research in a way that is a complete pleasure for me

It would be the complete perfect ‘Life as a Pleasure’ way of working

Wish me luck. Or make me an offer

* weird how it came about, ask if you’d like to know


Cat claws


My puss cat’s claws needed cut

I’ve been trying to do it myself or with assistance for at least 6 months, I haven’t been successful, even glancing over at the clippers sent her shooting out of the cat flap, and I was beginning to think I’d need to make a trip to the vet

She doesn’t much care for the cat basket and the car journey stresses her out badly so I’ve been hoping to avoid it

This week she’s been demanding quite a bit of time on my lap while I’ve been trying to work and she has quite a long padding, and clothes snagging, settling down process she goes through.

So I told her she could sit on my lap while I worked if she let me clip her claws. And then she let me!

Wey hey!



Gold nuggets


A client this week suggested that I was over complicating my marketing materials

He suggested I just write


Pauline Esson   Gold Nuggets


Because when we work together, you uncover the gold nugget of insight, seeing what stands between you and life as you want it to be

And he also said he doesn’t know anyone that doesn’t like gold so everyone would go for it


I love that

Look out for website changes (maybe)




The Pain


I’m calling silent retreat on the pain this week

Thank you Havi for the bliss of silent retreat

For the first time in over 2 years I don’t think it will help to talk about the pain

Not this particular pain

It’s already been aired, here at the blog, and I’ve let the light get at it and it’s just going to take a fair bit longer to heal

So, I’d prefer not to talk about it today

Thank you. I knew you’d understand



How about you?

How’s your week been?

Come and share your pleasure and pain in the comments