The Pleasure Report. Year 3 Week 7 The casserole edition

Fifty nine pleasure points

12:1 pleasure to pain ratio


The Pleasure


Fifty nine. That’s on the low side

But there were a few of the pleasures this week that were so wonderful, I’d have been happy with them alone


A selection of the pleasure


A Welcome


I visited a new bunch of people this week

And the Welcome I got was so welcoming that I’m giving it a capital W

The quality of attention and the sense of complete unconditional acceptance…no …it was more than acceptance

It was a welcome

And they were completely present, not half of their attention off elsewhere attending to something else

That is so very rare in my world these days

Oh my

That was gorgeous


A Casserole


I visited my wee man, he’s away at University

And I took a casserole


I turned into traditional Mama


This is a new persona that has shown up unexpectedly

The day before the visit I suddenly found myself thinking…yes, chicken and veg…that’s what I’ll put in the casserole

Whilst the other parts of me were turning to each other in surprise asking ‘the casserole……what casserole?’

And there was the (new and unrecognisable) trad Mama, in the car going to the supermarket for the ingredients and spending the evening cooking

Whilst the other parts looked curiously on


I quite enjoyed it

We’ve decided to make it a regular thing

Once a month, I’ll bring a casserole, he’ll supply the wine

Nice…I like it


Bentlily poetry


Oh beautiful is she

The art of noticing life

In a poem a day

Completely perfect for a life of pleasure

To notice the moments of life and gaze on them, till you feel them even more


This from the Valentine’s day poem, The cinnamon drink

‘promise me you’ll tell them

it was the rumble of daily life

that made me flush

with love for you’


see the whole poem at bentlily



The Pain


Sleep is fitful

It’s not surprising, with all the change and mourning, and letting go

But it leaves me with less energy for the practicalities, the organising of changes and letting go

This too will pass



How about you?

How’s your week been?

I’d love to hear

Come and share all in the comments