The Face of an Introvert Understood


Space to think


She knew I was in need of space and quiet

For ‘next phase of life’ thinking purposes

And so offered me their house, while they were away, to think in

Isn’t that lovely




There’s more

They’re having some building work done at the moment and she stopped the builders working while I was there

It’s hard enough getting builders to quote, let alone turn up and work…but to tell them they’d have to down tools for a bit to accommodate my peace…..

Knowing the space would be worse than useless without peace

Well. That’s more than lovely

I’m so very, very grateful


Beauty too



A rose in my bedroom

And the body lotion I’d been praising to the heavens


Consideration, acceptance and help


Someone taking time to understand what you need

Taking what you need taken into account, and arranging it for you

Having someone do that for you


If she were a man I’d be considering proposing




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