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When there’s an overwhelming amount of things I’d like to see changed in the world (and there are), it can begin to feel unbearable.

One overwhelm protection method I’ve given a go, is to just block it out, seal myself up, avoid reading the news and effectively try to keep it from view. Short term it gives some breathing room but because it IS still there, it seeps through somehow and gets in during unguarded moments and voila…. there I am with a tense stomach and body chemistry affected anyway.

I don’t want to not feel disturbed by disturbing things, nor to ignore them long term, I’m not much use to the world asleep like that and cordoned off.

I know the toll it takes on my health however, when the bulk of what I focus on is dire and feels hopeless.

One protection method I’m going to adopt this year is to balance up the dire and hopeless with the great and hopeful.  I’m going to gather examples of people righting what’s troubling them in business and making work a pleasure. A fresh new wave.


I’d love to hear  your examples as well as those I find.

And I’d love to have a name for this gathering place for tales of people making things better ….ideas so far

‘that’s better’  ‘making work a pleasure’ ‘making business a pleasure’ ‘a fresh new wave’ ‘corporate healing’

Any thoughts?  Alternative suggestions are really welcome…if you make a suggestion and it ends up being the one, there might even be a celebratory prize.


One woman I read about this week, doing things differently is Sabrina Parsons, US Tech CEO.

She talks in this article about why ‘leaning in’ ala Sheryl Sandberg, is not the answer for her.  Just working harder at the expense of having a life or being able to give attention to anyone outside work, is not the answer.

Oh dear god yes. I’m with this woman.  I love that she’s gone ahead and found a way of being a CEO that works for her. Her way (one of which is bringing children into work) wouldn’t be mine as I work better when I’m able to give my full attention to what or whoever has it at any one time, but the way is not the thing…  It’s the not being constrained by convention and going right ahead and crafting a new way… that’s the thing.

Whole article here

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