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I wanted to move jobs this year. It’s September and I haven’t done anything about it. I’m running out of steam and have been wanting to get your help but money is still an issue.”


I’m hearing this a lot this year. People getting stuck on their goals and needing help but

personal and corporate budget cuts mean that coaching support is currently out of the question. 

It’s frustrating…knowing the galvanising effect that an injection of support, focus and encouragement can bring, but it being out of reach.

It’s painful to be lacking the help and it’s painful for me to watch and not give the help that’s wanted. 

I’d like us all to end the year with good cause to celebrate and for you to get the help you’d like to get there. 

In the spirit of ‘We’re all in this recession together’ I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to do and have a special offer for this autumn at a very accessible price. 

I should say, that the manner of getting there will be KIND. There will be no sticks, no beating, no bootcamp, and no ass-kicking. Goals by the year’s end – certainly, but the KIND way.

If you haven’t achieved what you set out to this year, and could do with an injection of help to bring an entirely different end to the year, I would love to help with that… there’s still time

‘ Make it a good year ’ 

A coaching session to help you

  • get back on track and focussed again
  • set effective and achievable goals you feel inspired to take action on
  • renew your energy
  • find time to turn goals into reality
  • shake off overwhelm and procrastination
  • find new ways ahead

Included is

  • PDF preparation sheet
  • Coaching call, 45 mins by phone or skype
  • Follow up celebration call mid December

£40  (approx $65)


10 sessions available, until the 31st October

There’s still time to make it a year to celebrate.

I’d love to work with you on that… If that sounds interesting you can

Email me to book your session

On the contact page or use the link below.  Let me know a few times that would suit you, and I’ll get back to you to book (usually within 24 hours).

Available Mon – Thur 10-3 and 7-9pm

Of course if you have any questions, ask away


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