The good fight




Red poppy

to remember


White poppy

for peace


The reason to remember

So that it never happens again


But it is happening again. And again. Our success rate with it never happening again isn’t going so well

We are still sending people to kill people. And people are still being killed.

Soldiers and civilians.


There’s still a  lot of things considered a good thing to fight for.

Fighting the good fight.

Fight cancer.

Fight for your life.


If it’s true that everything starts as a thought,

and if the starting thought is that this is a fight

then it likely will be


But is it a fight we actually want?

do we want to fight cancer, or heal it

to fight others or be at peace with them


If a fight is not actually what we want, but instead the only way we currently know to attempt to get what we want

if instead we do want peace

we need a starting thought that has a peaceful intent


What else is currently being fought for

domestically, in our hearts and minds, on the tv, in and between companies?


is it really a fight that we want

or something else?




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