Is anyone out there

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Is it just me? I need to know if you’re out there.

Anyone who wants to make a difference now, but doesn’t do politics, campaigning or activism?

– cares deeply about many social and environmental issues in the world

– is increasingly concerned following the conservative win at the last election? (in the UK)

– wants to do something,  feeling frustrated and stuck about what

– doesn’t do politics or activism but still wants to do something, and now?
– wants any option to be nonviolent and done with loving intent?
– doesn’t want to lead a group but would love some company and support while working it all out?

Is that you or someone you know?

I’d love to talk

Let’s do that. See here for when we can.


Having the company of one or more people who share an aim to make a difference can be such a bolster for the spirits.

I’d love to hear about the issues that are troubling you,  what have you tried to do or are thinking about doing,  where have you fallen flat on your face, or not even got beyond thinking…what’s been good, what’s helped and what more help would you like.
And maybe to vent a little


August is my birthday month and I’m expanding my introvert zone, wanting next year to be very different in what difference I can make. I’m looking to have conversations about things that matter.  Maybe to raise a glass to toast the differences to come in this next year #introvertparty

Champagne Flute

10 conversations in 10 days

(on Skype, for 30-60 mins max each)

Want to talk about this stuff?

See here for when we can talk and book a spot

(if you have any tech problems finding a time to talk get in touch by email and I’ll sort it out)



I’ve got quite a picture in my mind for how things could be.
If I imagine everyone who was stuck, finding their way to make a difference, how different things might be.

There’s that (pretty cheesy now) starfish story about the person wandering along the starfish covered beach, bending down and throwing the odd starfish back into the sea. And someone asking “Why are you doing that?…there’s thousands of starfish here, you’ll never be able to make a difference here”. And the reply…as they threw one back “made a difference to that one”
I’m picturing it a bit like that.

Except there would be so many people coming to the beach over a period of time that it would be cleared of starfish. Or in a parallel human universe – homelessness eradicated.

A movement

I described all of this to Michelle and she said, it sounds like a movement.
It feels like it could be a movement…

making a difference for people who don’t do politics

(The non political arm of)

The Making a Difference Movement?
A community of people who offer each other inspiration and encouragement.
Let’s see.

I hope it’s not just me.

When I think about it, the idealist in me can get quite excited

(I’m not actually sure there are any non idealist parts to me… INFJ Myers Briggs type…it’s what we do)


My part in making a difference

The issues on my list are so many it can feel overwhelming.
Hunger and homelessness are right at the top.
No-one hungry, no-one homeless… that just feels like a bare minimum for a society I’m happy to live in.
That’s where I’m a novice finding my way with what I can do to make a difference


Then there’s the part where I’m far from a novice.
Helping people who were thinking they couldn’t do something, or weren’t suited to it, find whether in fact it’s just the way it’s being done now that doesn’t suit them.
And that we can create a new way that does work for them, with their available time and energy, skills, network and personality.
And to come to value that themselves.
That’s a lot of what I do for a living.

That’s where I feel I can make a real difference. Bringing encouragement and faith in the creativity in all of us.


I’m getting into birthday mood, and would like to give as well as receive gifts.
After the 10 conversations, on the 27th August, I’ll put anyone of the 10 people who would like more support, into a draw for a gift of a full 90 minute session with me (normally £160)
We can explore together exactly what you would like to do and how to do it in ways that are exactly right for you, any obstacles that are in your way and anything else to do with you making a difference.

Cheers!  Here’s to making a visible difference by this time next year.

For one of the 10 conversations, see here for when we can talk and book a spot.


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