Lifescape fundraising for Pete’s sake

This is a Lifescape

Lifescape 1

It is a person’s life, captured in oils in a unique way and I’m offering them to fundraise for Pete.

Pete is living with brain cancer right now.

He has already broken most of the records for living this long with this type of brain cancer and now the treatment he needs is untested (currently in trials). It is available but only if you have the means to fund it. So…let’s fund it.

If you would like to help but don’t want a Lifescape, you can make a donation here for Pete’s Sake

you can also help by forwarding this far and wide to friends and family far and wide. Thank you.

And for those of you who are intrigued by this unique Lifescape offering, read on …


A Lifescape is a thoroughly enjoyable, completely unique, abstract celebration of your life, in oils.

You reflect and ponder on questions I send to you

We meet, you speak, I listen, you are heard

I paint

I deliver your lifescape to you

You, and yours, enjoy

We spend unhurried time together, talking about your life. Celebrating, mourning, acknowledging all that has brought you to this point. This alone can be a unique time. Being heard is not a regular occurrence for many.

Then I paint.

Layers, textures, colours that represent your years, experiences, personality and emotional landscape. 

I deliver your lifescape.

A unique fundraising offer For Pete’s Sake

This is a necessarily unhurried and time consuming process in a time precious situation.

I have space for one fundraising Lifescape per month.

The minimum, cover costs price, is £170 excluding time which I am happily donating.

Any donation above costs will be donated to Pete’s treatment.

Given the time consuming nature of this process it would be glorious to be donating £500 – £1000 to Pete’s treatment, per Lifescape, as you are able, making the ideal price of these Lifescapes between £670 – £1170 though there is no upper limit

The photograph, even though professionally taken, doesn’t show the expressiveness of the textures. I do have a file bursting version which could stretch without pixilating but it’s too big for emails, the blog or facebook so some faith is required … expressive textures… they are, very!


One option is to commission a Lifescape for Pete. So you make the donation and he gets the lifescape. (great idea!).

How it works

I visit you in person at your home, or venue of your choice in home counties, or within 90 minutes drive from Hertford

Allow up to three hours for this visit

This is an abstract. No representational content

Oils on canvas up to 60x90cm, 36X24”  This example is 60x90cm

Size as per your request and availability of canvas.

Your stated colour preferences, colours not to be, and love to be, included.

Payment is to me for your Lifescape and I donate to ‘For Pete’s Sake’ after the costs of materials and travel. 

Any questions or to book your Lifescape please  email me or call 07889 029706, leave a message and I’ll get back to you asap

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