Give Peace a Year – Meeting Three


Meeting number three

With the aim of peace, everywhere, starting here, now, transforming violence in life, one word, thought or deed at a time. 

And because

it’s not the slog that will get us there, it’s the joy

 examples of things that warmed our hearts are also shared 
Examples for transformation from the third meeting this week on Thursday 24th March


1. Having spoken the truth in perhaps a rather forthright manner, there’s a phrase I’m applying to myself, labelling myself with, which isn’t helpful nor is it encouraging of a shift in language.
Meat cleaver tongue.
I’d like help translating it into something that is more like how I’d like to speak the truth, that is positive in effect and that will be an encouraging reminder.

The options suggested are in the right direction, though none quite right,
maybe more softness needed in the phrase… to be continued

speaking truth to power
clear talking
straight talking
laser like



Four people said that was exactly what they would like to have said and were glad that I’d said it.


2. Seeing the Brussels attacks

Feeling grateful that I’m not there. Feeling guilty that I’m feeling grateful that I’m not there.
Feeling guilty that I’m not (or maybe not yet) able to do anything about it or do anything to help.
That’s as far as I’ve got.



(this one isn’t connected to the Brussels attack example)

Being appreciated for ‘letting me really be myself, for really listening and handling matters with grace


3. Feeling what I perceive to be a lack of care for my needs
Understanding that they are very anxious and uncomfortable themselves and probably don’t have the capacity to take my needs into account just now.
And so looking for other ways to take care of them that don’t involve this person
acknowledging the needs
acknowledging them as valid,
acknowledging the draining effect of not having them met and the draining effect of the tension
kindness in allowing extra rest and lowering expectations of the amount of energy that I’ll have available.
swearing loudly when alone is proving hugely cathartic
acknowledging that the needs still exist and not dismissing them myself because of their minor nature when others have more major concerns.
Whether this is the case, whether the need is still there in the face of others’ more major concerns, is a discernment for the heart, rather than a judgement for the head…


(more like divine )
Soothing, calming, warming and restorative of good spirits

John O’ Donohue interview with Krista Tippett – an ‘On Being’ podcast



Hearing about a doctor who is
warm, human, who really cares, who wanted to meet the patient’s children, who also paid attention to the patient’s wife saying ‘you are a super woman, you are not superwoman’ , who is committed to finding a cancer treatment that is available to as many people as possible and is as non toxic as possible. And, who felt like a divine presence.


Next in person meeting

Thursday 7th April, 7.30 – 9pm

The Salisbury Arms Hotel, Hertford

Dates for the rest of the year here
Guidelines for the group here
Email to let me know if you’re coming and I’ll make sure there’s a seat

Focus –

Words, the language we consume and adding the language we use to talk to others or ourselves.

Plus – now adding thoughts

Examples of violence in thought and in the language we are surrounded by and consume which we would like to be otherwise.


– examples of violent language and or thoughts
– the translation if you already know how you’d like it to be
-examples of the heartwarming, so as to remember that love and peace are there in the world

Bring the heartwarming in whatever balance is good for your heart. Your feel fine balance might be one heartwarming example for ten violent examples, you might need ten heartwarming ones for every one violent one, or in equal measure… adjust according to your heart’s needs. I think that my heart has grown very heavy looking at the state of the world this past few years, I may need to bring many more heartwarming examples for some time to rebalance my nervous system and lift my heart again.

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Online Group

A warm welcome.
*Big smile from me*

And a glass raised in cheers. Here’s to peacemaking in our worlds.

Here in the comments, is where the online group will meet to do the same as the in person group

-share examples of language and thoughts that feel violent to you and
-share how you’d like it to be said or what you would like instead, your translation
-ask for help, if you’d like it, as to how to translate that for more peace

Peace in the Comments
You are in charge of whether something feels violent or not, the effect on you is the determining factor. It’s your peace, your body chemistry we’re concerned with.

No justifying debating or arguing your case necessary, people vary and that’s fine.

Here in the comments, you can share examples of things you’d like to be more peaceful and to get help if you’d like, with translations that would make it so. Just ask.

It’s not intended as a place to debate or put forward arguments about what does or doesn’t seem violent and comments are moderated accordingly before being posted.



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