Give Peace a Year – Meeting nine


Meeting number nine

With the aim of peace, everywhere, starting here, now, transforming violence and conflict of needs  in life, one word, thought or deed at a time.

And because

it’s not the slog that will get us there, it’s the joy

for balance, things that warmed our hearts.


Starting where transformation is needed.

Examples from the group of peace lovers this week on Thursday 16th June


1.Violence in society

This meeting took place in the week before the EU referendum with many feeling horrified by the conduct of the in/out campaigning.

It was also the day that MP Jo Cox was murdered.


Our sensitivity seemed to be heightened by the surrounding climate of extreme unease and the fear generated, and shock at the murder of Jo Cox.

Our sense, with the potential of this to stimulate further fear, anxiety and hair trigger like responses, was to adopt a Quakerly silence.

When on the edge of a frustrated violent response ourselves  (in word, thought or deed)

Instead to divert to ‘take a moment of silence’

until we feel the impulse for a violent response recede and our capacity for genuine enquiry and desire for understanding return.


I carried this through into the following day and spent much of the day in silence, allowing the pain to be felt.

Resisting the urge to do something, write something, analyse or attempt to work out what was going on. Also not to write up the detail of the examples from the meeting this time.

Instead to allow and trust in the silence.



Next in person meeting

Thursday 30th June, 7.30 – 9pm

The Salisbury Arms Hotel, Hertford

Dates for the rest of the year here
Guidelines for the group here

Email to let me know if you’re coming and I’ll make sure there’s a seat for you

Focus –

Words, the language we consume and adding the language we use to talk to others or ourselves.

Plus – now adding thoughts and deeds

Examples of violence in word, thought and deeds that we are surrounded by and consume which we would like to be otherwise.

If, there’s an extra need for empathy for ourselves as we begin to look at the violence of our own thoughts, have a read here for some guidance with that


– examples of violent language and/or thoughts and/or deeds
– the translation if you already know how you’d like it to be
– examples of the heartwarming, so as to remember that love and peace are there in the world

Bring the heartwarming in whatever balance is good for your heart.

Your feel fine balance might be one heartwarming example for ten violent examples,

you might need ten heartwarming ones for every one violent one, or in equal measure…

adjust according to your heart’s needs. I think that my heart has grown very heavy looking at the state of the world this past few years, I may need to bring many more heartwarming examples for some time to rebalance my nervous system and lift my heart again.



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