Happy New Year


Happy New Year!

And welcome to new subscribers, thank you, you are so very welcome.

I’ve been giving some attention to the matter of what might make it a happy new year.  Is there anything specific you’re hoping to get here this year?

I’d be really happy to hear what you’re looking for, in the comments or in an email if you’d rather.

And generally, what do you hope for this year, for yourself, beloveds, community, the world?


Last year the best transformational work that happened with clients felt, and was described as, magical, life changing, and kind.

I’m a huge advocate of kind. I’ve seen miracles of stuck patterns dissolved with kind.

Far more than with punitive, nose to the grindstone, feet to the fire, challenging coaching.

And joy. And delight. Because it’s not the slog that will get us there, it’s the joy.

I’m making a start with delight, and what that is day to day, and plan on having delight as a buoyant foundation throughout the year.

This week it’s tulips and candles in the daytime in my office when it’s grey outside. Candles in the daytime! … there’s just something about it

I’m inordinately happy with them… I can’t tell you

Tell me what does it for you?


Tomorrow I’m out seeing a client in the morning and plan to go for coffee afterwards, to get the free foody magazine and choose my menu for the week from things I really fancy. Then my whole week will be full of things I’m really looking forward to eating. Mmmm hmmm.


Do let me know if there’s something you’d like to see here this year, and what makes you happy day to day.

Happy New Year!



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