AA XX 100

AA XX 100: Women In Architecture 1975-2015

The seminar celebrates 40 years of women’s creativity and ingenuity.

What will the next 40 years look like and what would you like your part in it to be…

To build a current picture, it would be wonderful to hear what creativity is stirring in you, and also what stands in your way, so as to see where and what support would be most helpful now. 

Please share your ideas and obstacles, things you already feel inspired to do as well as things inspired by speakers.

Things I feel inspired to do                                               Obstacles, difficulties, thoughts that stand                                                                                                           in the way of my doing that  

No-one Wants to Remain a Prisoner in an Unlived Life

This is one of the sacred duties of the imagination: honourably to imagine yourself.

The shortest distance in the world is the one between you and yourself.

The space in question is tiny.

Yet what goes on in this little space determines nearly everything about the kind of person you are and about the kind of life you are living.

Normally, the priority in our culture is to function and to do what is expected of us.

So many people feel deep dissatisfaction and an acute longing for a more real life, a life that allows their souls to come to expression and to awaken;  a life where they could discover a different resonance, one which echoes their heartfelt dreams and longing.

For their short while on earth, most people long to have the fullest life they can.

No-one wants to remain a prisoner in an unlived life.

This was the intention of Jesus: ‘I have come that you may have life and live it to the full’

Of the many callings in the world, the invitation to the adventure of the awakened and full life is the most exhilirating.  This is the dream of every heart.

Yet most of us are lost or caught in forms of life that exile us from the life we dream of.

Most people long to step on the path of creative change that would awaken their lives to beauty and passion, deepen their contentment and allow their lives to make a difference.

From Divine Beauty by John O’Donohue, Doubleday, 2003

What next?

Given what’s standing in your way,  what do you most need support with?

Hard to stay focussed

– Ask someone for a weekly check in. In person, by phone or email.

 to set out your aims for the week,

review what you did and the results,

review what you didn’t do, why not and plan for what to do differently next week

Lack of support and encouragement

– Find someone who thinks that you and what you are doing is fabulous and ask them to remind you of that and of how much it’s needed

Personality preferences not a match

If you suspect you are working against your personality rather than with it and that this is adding unnecessary strain, try this free online Personality profiler

There will usually be more than one way to do things, regardless of how they’ve been done so far.

It’s usually possible, with a bit of creativity, to find a way of working that suits your preferences.

It’s overwhelming, too many problems, too big a job and my part can’t make a difference

Every effort made in service of something meaningful to you, is of value.

It doesn’t need to be on a national or international scale or to be of value

– A political answer is needed and Syrian families hearing there were people in Hertfordshire getting together to find ways to welcome them, when they were thinking the world didn’t want them, had them weeping with relief, gave them hope and strength to keep going while waiting for political action.

– A political answer is needed and people taking food to a local collection point for delivery to Calais makes a difference while .

– One letter written in 5 minutes as part of the Amnesty International Write for Rights changes lives.

– Just the quality of energy you bring to the issue makes a difference. Subtle Activism

Your contribution can make a difference. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


It’s complicated, I need more help

AA XX 100 special coaching offer.

For a limited time following the AA XX 100 seminar I am offering one third off coaching.

A 90 minute session, usually £150  £100.

Feel free to email or call 07889 029706 with any questions.