The people who I have had the pleasure of working with,¬†predominantly leaders and managers,¬†tend to be of big heart and generous spirit, with the guts to take on challenges fit to daunt many. They’re also often blind to this description and don’t recognise themslves as such until it is pointed out.

They tend to be introverted, often feeling overwhelmed operating within an environment that feels unsupportive at best.

With no role models to look to for how to do the job in an introvert friendly way, this can mean carving out a new path, which is difficult.

“I went from stressed to the hilt to award winning within a year.

The work proved more challenging than I expected and I was having doubts about whether I was capable of a role this size and at the crisis point it had reached when I took it on.

You were a calming influence and had the patience to listen and understand how I was feeling and understood exactly what I was up against. You brought a fresh approach to the issues and a different perspective regarding what is really important.

I now feel much more in control of everything. Not only are we performing well against all of our performance targets but we’ve just won a national customer service award.”

Nina Crompton – Senior Retail Manager *

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*Name and title changed at client’s request to protect privacy.