An Artful Path

An Artful Path to Spiritual Connection

A workshop, using imagery as a guide, to find and strengthen spiritual connection and practice


This workshop aims to guide you towards or strengthen your own spiritual connection.

Or to find, strengthen or add to your spiritual practice if that feels different.

With all the myriad forms of spiritual connection and practice available to us in the world, it could take a lifetime’s  exploration to find one that feels just right.

For some, attempting to meditate, to be still in mind and body, is excruciating – and movement with spiritual intent such as Gabrielle Roth’s Five Rhythms Dance, is a necessary freedom for connection.

Others find complete stillness and quiet are best, or connect beautifully through making or listening to music,  or in the company of trees, or chanting…  so many ways…


Art as guide

This is not prescribing art or images as spiritual practice; rather,

we will use art or images to guide you as to what your spiritual practice might be.

And it might turn out to be art

No artistic ability is required to participate in this programme –  this is not art for exhibit,

though you might decide to keep it on display in your personal space as a daily reminder or touchstone


Practical info

Saturday 7th March 2020, 2- 5.30pm

The Mill House, Unit 3, Dicker Mill, Marshgate Drive, Hertford, Hertfordshire. SG13 7JY

Free parking

Group size 8 maximum

All materials will be provided


Follow Up

In the days following the workshop there will be a stage of integrating insights into daily life. There may be additional insights unfolding then too.

An integral part of the workshop is a one hour follow up, three weeks later, to share further insights and about how things are changing, as well as a chance to ask questions.

This will take place online using the videoconferencing service ‘Zoom’

On Saturday 28th March at 10-11am

You’ll receive an email invitation with a link and instructions for how to join.


Standalone workshop

This workshop stands alone and can be taken on its own, with the pure focus on your personal spiritual connection.

It also forms the foundation of a leadership and strategy coaching programme for business and thought leaders (with some experience) looking to breathe fresh new life into the world at this volatile time. This on-going programme will provide new sources of guidance and unimagined insights.



Pauline Esson – Briefly

Pauline December 2019


For my spiritual connection, complete quiet in the company of pine trees is ideal. Though during my training with William Bloom I did learn how to connect even in the middle of Kings Cross station during rush hour – just so we didn’t get precious about the conditions necessary… needing our own cave in the mountains or particular way of sitting or holding our fingers

I also never pass up the opportunity of the heart bursting experience of Five Rhythms Dancing and was really happy to start this year 2020 with three hours of that bliss.

Some of the experiences that have brought me to this point have been

  • Holistic Spiritual Companion, trained with William Bloom, 2007
  • Accredited Executive Coach, Member of The Association for Coaching, Accredited 2006
  • Working intentionally with images and art in coaching since 2014
  • Ongoing training in art in coaching with Anna Sheather October 2018

What people say about our work together using images

” This [using images] allowed me to access much deeper, truer wisdom and with Pauline’s insightful guidance allowed me to connect with my deep purpose. So different to what my brain had been saying.

This is a high art Pauline is practicing.”  C. London


Any more questions?

If you have any questions at all, I’m very happy to answer them, please email


To book a place on the workshop


Please email

Email Title: Your name/ March workshop

To say that you would like to book a place on the workshop

I’ll confirm your place by email.


Please send £25* by bank transfer using reference ‘Your name/March workshop’

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I’ll then send you joining instructions with final details

*About the pricing

This Workshop is being offered at a substantial discount , thanks to the generous subsidy provided by Hertford Quakers as part of the year of celebrating 350 years of Quakers in Hertford.