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A wisdom led 2017

Photo  Tina Rataj-Berard at Unsplash One thing I’d like in 2017 is more wisdom. To be guided by and let the tone be set by that deeper inner source. And to make space for that to be heard. Please and thank you for more care, compassion and equality, at home, at work, in how business […]

The good fight

    Red poppy to remember   White poppy for peace   The reason to remember So that it never happens again   But it is happening again. And again. Our success rate with it never happening again isn’t going so well We are still sending people to kill people. And people are still being […]

Making work a Pleasure – that’s better

  When there’s an overwhelming amount of things I’d like to see changed in the world (and there are), it can begin to feel unbearable. One overwhelm protection method I’ve given a go, is to just block it out, seal myself up, avoid reading the news and effectively try to keep it from view. Short […]

Happy New Year

      Looking ahead, at the potential of a fresh new year. The potential is there every year of course but this year it really does feel like it could all be very different. My 50th birthday last year helped me focus, more than other birthdays as you might imagine, on what is really […]

Could kindness be the way?

Fiona Robyn, published novelist, psychotherapist, creativity coach and blogger at Writing Our Way Home extended an invitation to join her in a celebration of kindness.   As a practiser of  nonviolent communication and lover of all things kind, in and out of work, I enthusiastically agreed to join in.       This is what arrived […]