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Could kindness be the way?

Fiona Robyn, published novelist, psychotherapist, creativity coach and blogger at Writing Our Way Home extended an invitation to join her in a celebration of kindness.   As a practiser of  nonviolent communication and lover of all things kind, in and out of work, I enthusiastically agreed to join in.       This is what arrived […]

The Pleasure Manifesto

The Pleasure Manifesto   hello my name is Pauline Esson and this is my question to the world well, let’s make that a bit more personal my question to you   is your life a pleasure? that’s quite a question, let’s leave a minute for that             and if it’s […]

It’s a pleasure doing business with you!

  It’s a pleasure doing business with you. I don’t know why, but that always has an Irish accent when I say it in my head and is followed by ‘and so it is’ and maybe also ‘to be sure’.  I have a great and genuine affection for the Irish, I’m not taking the p**s. […]

The Pleasure Report. Weeks 29&30. The whisky and megaphone edition.

Weeks 29 and 30 in the year of pleasure The Pleasure Week 29, thirty four points and a 34:1 pleasure to pain ratio Week 30, fifty one points and a 51:1 pleasure to pain ratio There can be no romping ahead into the regular report however, without mention of the 1 in those pleasure to […]

New home, new focus

Welcome to my new home. I’ve moved. And I’ve changed almost everything. I know. It’s a shock. I’m only just getting used to it myself. There has definitely been a symbolic crossing of the water. The bridge in the picture reminds me of that. The website has a new name and looks completely different too. […]