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What did you do during the recession, Daddy?

The sun is setting on M.P.’s expenses as they currently know them. The opportunity to live with integrity has landed on them from a great height. Rohan Candappa takes a light look at the affair. How can I concentrate on my constituents when my moat is such a mess? I followed the rules I did […]

Joshua’s wish

Merry Christmas with a happy new year!!! have a relaxing holiday  + calm and quiet peaceful days for at least a month!! Best wishes!!! From Joshua xxx This is Joshua’s Christmas wish for me and my son.  Joshua is my Godson, and he’s 10 years old today! ‘Happy Birthday Joshua’. (I would have liked to […]

Best Christmas Ever!

Best Christmas Ever! I’ve seen so many magazine articles in recent weeks promising the best ever Christmas….if I buy this or follow this step by step plan or do it the Delia way, I’ll have the best Christmas ever. Debenhams are advertising Christmas as designed by Debenhams…that’s getting close to blasphemous. I want to charge […]

Fresh perspective

I was blogging on the other day about how do you remember your soul in times when everything’s going horribly wrong, (see 17th September post Take a Minute). I wondered, when things are going wrong and you’re tense and it’s easiest just to allow yourself to react, and much, much harder to take a minute […]