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Most need it when can least afford it

It’s a very very busy week.  In the midst of it do I still hold onto my soul, let myself be quiet and still for a moment or do I abandon all that feeds me and keeps me on the rails in favour of the short term demands of the week. It’s at times when […]

Brick wall stuck or ebb and flow

Is this a brick wall I see before me? Does this ‘nothing coming’ mean I’m brick wall stuck? Am I in fear or just ripening nicely and in need of acceptance. Acceptance that energy, ideas, progress, will ebb and flow. We don’t give the moon a hard time for waxing and waning, in fact many […]

What do you do?

Here’s Rosamonde’s ‘full tree’. The one who you got to know close up, in yesterday’s post. Seeing it from a distance this way, and then by contrast the close up, had me thinking about how generous trees (and lots of other flora) are with just how up close and personal they let us get without […]

What do you do?

Yesterday I was waxing lyrical, kind of.  Completely absorbing activities was the subject, I’d just discovered watercolours for tired people and was wondering what you do that you find completely absorbing, that takes you away from your ego and delivers you to your soul….ahhh…… Well….get a look at this tree!  I can see the soul […]

Turner Sky

In the midst of ALL the things I was making my way through this weekend I was fortunate enough to be stopped in my tracks and pushed backwards into a seat to bask for a moment in this most water soft beautiful, glowing sky. One for the emergency soul file.