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“The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.” — Joseph Addison   What do you make of that? I’ve been making quite a bit of that.  I’m really interested to hear what you think and find to be the case for you, when […]

The Pleasure (at work) Report. Year 3, Week 2

    Week 2 in this, the 3rd year of pleasure   The Pleasure (at work)   Overall, forty nine points of which 12 were at work   And a 12:1 pleasure to pain ratio A selection of the pleasure at work Gorgeous example of pleasure at work and the effect on sales   As […]

The Pleasure Report. Year 3, Week 1. The greatest pain edition

Please be forewarned. This post is personal and painful. Stop now all those who don’t want to get into all that. I’ve been torn between curling up in a ball and hiding myself away, or instead letting the light get to the most painful parts in the hope that it will heal better there. I’ve […]

Happy New Year

Really happy. Truly only what makes you happy. I wish you nothing less.   I hope you’ll join me in 2012 to make it a year of pleasure for you. Yes, you.   How close can you get to ‘do nothing unless it’s a pleasure’   Good night 2011 Wishing a very happy and pleasurable […]

Best stocking filler ever!

Here I am talking about why The Pleasure Assessor is the best stocking filler you will ever buy!   And here’s where to take your clicky finger over to the buy now button   Wishing you a very very Merry Christmas kisses   Tweet