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The Pleasure Report. Week 27. The EVERYTHING CHANGED edition.

Week 27 in the year of pleasure….past the half way mark. The Pleasure Fifty one points, seventy two last week And a 25:1 pleasure to pain ratio A selection of the pleasure New life I have a fern. I think it’s really quite spectacular and grows with what seems like wild abandon, despite me being […]

Ballet Hoo was a right ballyhoo!

Looking pretty good after seven hours in the car! I thought today this blog would be bursting at the seams, flowing over with warmth and joy at the groundbreaking event I’d witnessed last night.  I thought I’d be painting a picture of hope for the future of youth and absolutely brimming with inspirational and so […]

Fresh perspective

I was blogging on the other day about how do you remember your soul in times when everything’s going horribly wrong, (see 17th September post Take a Minute). I wondered, when things are going wrong and you’re tense and it’s easiest just to allow yourself to react, and much, much harder to take a minute […]

Going Public Today

Hello! I’m going public with my blog today.  Just when I thought I was the only blogger in the village, Radio 4 no less, do a programme on bloggers this very week and put me right in my nearly mainstream place. A warm warm welcome to you.  Have a look around, make yourself feel at […]

The dusting fish!

My wee man has been helping out this summer.  Doing jobs to boost his pocket money…good lad! I love the help but miles better than that by far, is hearing about how he sees things.  Take the dusting fish for example.   He says dusting turns him into a fish.  Pardon? You know the memory and […]