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Watched over

Cambridge looked after us very well indeed. We left home with the rain thundering down and arrived in Cambridge with the skies clearing and the sun peeking out.  It rained when we were sitting snug in a cafe and stopped when we went out and then began again after we got in the car to […]

Slow and slower to zip zip zip

You know how it is when you’ve got loads of applications open on your computer, especially if it’s something like a virus scan and it slows right down and deals with current things much, much slower, it can take a minute to get the e-mail screen to open? I AM that computer right now….so many […]


Forgive me Father, it’s been over a week since I last blogged. I’ve been contemplating some things.  But there’s the dilemma.  Blogs like extrovertion, sharing thoughts and ideas frequently.  Soul, likes introversion, contemplation.  Who will dictate the pace, blog or soul? And will the practical soul find a way of satisfying the needs of both.  […]

Chewed leaves

There was loss but also gain…. I wandered round my garden a week ago, mourning the loss of perfect shrubs and plants as the bugs and wee beasties had been having a properly good feed.  By the state of the leaves, I imagined them lying flat on their backs somewhere in a post gorge state […]

No cookies in my house

Oh dear.  Being a tad on the technically challenged side, exploring control panel territory is always a tense time.  After a near crash I’d got all strict with the cookie levels I would allow.  I felt safer.  I imagined the typepad site was down when I couldn’t log on, then again I couldn’t log on…and […]