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First Meeting – Give Peace a Year

  The first meeting In person group – Thursday 11th February 2016 Online group starts today – details at the end of these examples from the in person group. Where there is violence in the language we consume, translating it to how we would like it to be. A selection of our examples 1. Political […]

What could you do if you had goooood support

Have you been contemplating doing something, something you’re excited by but keep stalling, coming up against objections, obstacles and  other difficulties. Or been overwhelmed and feeling like you’re getting no-where and certainly finding no meaning in what you’re doing. It could even be the something you want to do is to do less and simplify […]

Lifescape fundraising for Pete’s sake

This is a Lifescape It is a person’s life, captured in oils in a unique way and I’m offering them to fundraise for Pete. Pete is living with brain cancer right now. He has already broken most of the records for living this long with this type of brain cancer and now the treatment he […]

Making life meaningful

Make it meaningful – pay what you can programme   Where’s the meaning? What is life for, do you think? Is it meaningful to you to be dutiful, or to be of service, or for it to be a pleasure, and in so doing to be of service by example? Or what? No prescriptions, but […]

Is anyone out there

Is it just me? I need to know if you’re out there. Anyone who wants to make a difference now, but doesn’t do politics, campaigning or activism? Who; – cares deeply about many social and environmental issues in the world – is increasingly concerned following the conservative win at the last election? (in the UK) […]