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Making work a Pleasure – that’s better

  When there’s an overwhelming amount of things I’d like to see changed in the world (and there are), it can begin to feel unbearable. One overwhelm protection method I’ve given a go, is to just block it out, seal myself up, avoid reading the news and effectively try to keep it from view. Short […]

The Pleasure Report. Year 3 Week 7 The casserole edition

Fifty nine pleasure points 12:1 pleasure to pain ratio   The Pleasure   Fifty nine. That’s on the low side But there were a few of the pleasures this week that were so wonderful, I’d have been happy with them alone   A selection of the pleasure   A Welcome   I visited a new […]

The Pleasure Manifesto

The Pleasure Manifesto   hello my name is Pauline Esson and this is my question to the world well, let’s make that a bit more personal my question to you   is your life a pleasure? that’s quite a question, let’s leave a minute for that             and if it’s […]

A life of pleasure

Excuse my face on the opening screen of this video. It looks more like I’m living a life of torture than pleasure. Very funny. Apart from that though, join me in the great pleasure experiment?   PS. The multi millionaire that only works afternoons 4 days a week that I mention in the […]

The Pleasure Report. Week 40. The sleeping like a cat edition.

Week 40 in the year of pleasure Hello. I’m here. It’s me this week. I’ve packed, I’ve moved, I’ve paperworked. Boy have I packed and paperworked. Now I’m settled into my in between, temporary home and the paperwork pile is nearly at in box zero there is, once again, time to do the weekly round […]