Donations graciously received

Hello, and a most gracious welcome to you.

You’ve reached the right place if you want to support

The Pleasure Theory project

Whatever you have in mind is most kind and will help.

Thank you very much.

I imagine the research project will run for four years or so.

Donations between £1 and £400,000 are equally welcome or more if you’ve got that kind of spare cash hanging around.

The donation page does ask you for some of your details, please don’t be put off, they’re only so you can be contacted if there’s a technical glitch with the donation process. Your details will be kept secure.



The kind of things donations will go towards are:


Audio transcriptions.  Approx £23 each for a one hour audio transcription.

A good, solid, academic standard, robust data producing interview is a week’s work.

Set up interview. Carry out and record interview. Transcribe audio an hour for every 10 mins, so a day at least, more likely two. Listen to audio again, twice. Read transcription, twice, while listening to audio again and make any corrections to transcription. Let thoughts swirl round. Analysis of thoughts. Write up thoughts.

Repeat. Make comparative analysis. It’s fabulously fascinating work but as you see, is labour intensive and any help with that means we can get to the research findings and doing useful pleasurable things with it sooner.


Researcher.  Variable £ according to the amount of researcher time. £20 to £40K

Oh boy, we could really get going with it with additional researcher time. Getting very excited at that thought.


Clarity of presentation. A design eye on the whole thing £300 + for 8 pages

It’s just me, my laptop and inferior graphic design skills lending themselves to this at the moment.

How much clearer it could all be, and easier to read, and….wait for it, so much more of a pleasure to gaze upon with a design eye on the whole thing.

I’ve even come across someone who I think could get it all looking fabulous.

Lisa Valuyskaya. Have a look at her site here.

More of me. Variable £ according to the amount of me. £200 +

I’m doing this because I can’t not do it. The way things are at the moment is not ok with me. I can’t watch any more people work themselves sick. I’d like the research data to be robust and independent and so haven’t gone down the route of looking for a sponsor. This means I’m doing other, non pleasure research related work to support this and funding it myself.

I would love to work on this full time, with a generous amount of chaise longue, grape peeling breaks, obviously.

The more generously I am kept in the manner to which I’d like to become accustomed the better. Don’t worry, I’m a Virgo, no waste and we’re great researchers.


Chaise longue and part time grape peeler. £1K + £15K

What?! Don’t you know this is a pleasure project. I think so much better on a chaise longue.

You need re-assurance I’m joking with this one? *big smile*


Other ways to support

Your spreading the word to others you think would like to support the project is also very welcome.

Thank you.

May your day be a pleasure.