Inspiring Tales of Pleasure


Do you know someone who can still find work a pleasure even in the current climate, who, when they talk about it, make your stress levels drop a bit and begin to remember there’s good bits?

I’m gathering examples of pleasure at work.

I’d like to post them at the blog to provide inspiration, for the times when we

don’t know how to get pleasure into our lives


have got into a rut of just surviving and forgotten that pleasure could be any part of our world right now.


I would like to invite you to share…


What do you, or your colleagues, do that makes work a pleasure?


Despite the stresses of recession, high volume workload, and all the pressures that you’re facing right now?


If you’d like to contribute, to spread the word, send me a short video to show here at the blog.

Tell us what your circumstances are, what are the challenges, what you do to make it a pleasure even in the midst of that, and what the results are.


You can:

  • record it yourself  (if you have that capacity, not much more than 2 mins is good) , post it to YouTube or Vimeo and  send me the link in an email

  • contact me and arrange for me to come and record your tale of pleasure in person (if you’re UK home counties)
  • contact me to arrange a Skype call to record your tale of pleasure

I’ll wait in excited anticipation!


Jane has kindly got the party started with two videos.

Go Jane!

How much would you’d like someone with Jane’s spirit around the office!

Leave a comment to share what you do that makes work a pleasure


Leave a comment for Jane

Gather in close to listen…the volume isn’t as loud as we’d like, we’re getting that sorted, in the meantime

Over to you Jane…..