Quiet Leaders

My coaching clients are leaders, decision-makers and often pioneers – people within organisations who want a better way to work and do business. They are dedicated to achieving a big mission, give a lot of themselves for the cause, and take on challenges that would daunt many.

And they’re introverted. Working against their preferences in an extroverted environment.

“You will know you’re introverted. You may feel that this has no impact on your role, or even regard it as a negative that you need to struggle with or manage around.”

Some business challenges you might be facing

Your company is in transition – defining new values and sustainable business models. But the remaining people are weary, and fearful of the future. You’re struggling to keep it all together. You don’t know how you can cope with the competing demands, find the path that will lead you to success, and inspire others to follow.

You followed your calling into a not-for-profit, but it’s not the dream job you imagined. Tightly controlled resources, problematic working relationships, and complicated political issues are taking their toll on your professional effectiveness and personal well-being.

You’ve been hired as a change agent, to guide an organisation through a major cultural, operational or strategic shift. But the role is larger and more demanding than you anticipated. You’re feeling alone and wondering if you’re good enough to get the job done.

Some introverted challenges you might be facing

You’re being pulled between your organisation and your family. You want to do your best for both, but it feels like everyone else’s needs come before yours. It’s exhausting. You don’t know how much longer you can maintain the juggling act, and you’re afraid of what might happen if you slip up.

You have looked in all the usual places for answers but the traditional business models and ways of working are designed for extroverts. We haven’t seen circumstances like you’re dealing with now, these are unprecedented times and you feel lost as to where you’re going to turn next.

Not sure whether you’re an introvert?

Find out here at Susan Cain’s quiet quiz


My promise

Working together we can overcome obstacles, restore your personal balance, and achieve your big vision. We will find ways of making you the author of your life and way of working.  And I will bring my unwavering faith in the possible.

My request

To be successful, there are some things you’ll need to bring to our coaching:

  • A belief – however faint – that there could be a better way of doing business.
  • A willingness to relinquish an infallible corporate mask, if you wear one.
  • An openness to the idea that it could be possible to renew the strength and capability you need to realise your goals, whatever they are, with your integrity intact.


Let’s get started.