First Hundred Days

A proactive coaching package. When you know the role you’re about to step into will be challenging and that it would be folly to undertake it without independent support.

Sixteen weekly or fortnightly sessions, ideally starting before you leave your current role, ensuring a smooth transition, preparedness for your new role and supporting you through the crucial first hundred days.


A coaching package for when the role you’ve stepped into is proving more challenging than you anticipated.

It is taking its’ toll on you and you’d like some independent support.

Twelve weekly or fortnightly sessions to find your equilibrium and restore your sense of enjoyment in the work you want to do.


At the conclusion of a coaching programme a maintainance package for when you don’t want to be cut loose entirely and would appreciate a monthly check in to keep you focussed and on track.

Six or twelve monthly sessions.

Tailor made

If the packages don’t suit you, get in touch, tell me what you’d like and we can design a programme that works for you.

“I was very close to believing that I was no good for the job. That things would never change and that my best course of action would be to walk away from it. With coaching I thought I might shift some working practices but my deeper hope was to be happier and not want to cry a lot. This has been completely achieved.

I liked your warm, professional, focussed and creative approach. Most of all I enjoyed your lightness and the way you were happy to laugh loudly.

Our work together breathed some space into the most stuck of situations and has radically changed both a working relationship and how I see my capabilities. On top of this positive shift within the organisation, it has been echoed with a noticeable increase in offers of work and appreciation from clients and partner organisations.”

— Hannah Merriman. Managing Director, The Fun Fed.

How we can work together

We can work on the phone or face to face, in a neutral venue, at your office or at mine. I’m just over a thirty minute train ride from London.

Clients normally recognise the need for support, find me through word of mouth referall then make a request to their organisation to fund a coaching programme with me.

Package rates are agreed according to organisation set up. Large organisation, NGO, not for profit or charity.

Rates also take into account who does the travelling for face to face sessions. If I travel to you add expenses and travel time.

Sound like this could help?

If this sounds like it could help and you’ve reached the point where you’re willing to have some help then get in touch.

I’m more than happy to hear from you with any questions at all.

By phone +44 (0)1462 484936

By e-mail paulineesson (at) thepracticalsoul (dot) com *

*You type it in as a normal e-mail address. It’s written out this way here to discourage spammers.

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