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The Pleasure Report. Week 48 Year 2. The Pleasure Assessor edition.

Week 48 in this 2nd year of pleasure   The Pleasure One hundred and two points Forty three of those were at work And a 102:1 pleasure to pain ratio   A selection of the pleasure   I made something I’m so happy about my dear sweet thing. I made The Pleasure Assessor I’ve happily […]

Miracles for 2012

      Hello. How are you today? A pleasurific day I hope?     Now, before I reveal the big, big news, did you read The Pleasure Manifesto last week? And did you have an answer to the question? THE question. The one about the rest of your life and how it’s going to […]

When work’s far from a pleasure

    when work’s far from a pleasure ………..it’s time for a change A series of interviews with inspiring people who said ‘this has got to stop’. Different reasons, different answers, but they all knew that life and work could not go on as it was. It is with great pleasure that I give you […]