The Pleasure Assessor

The Pleasure Assessor helps you find the pleasure you have in your life and where there might be some more, and guides you through a miraculous way to make more.

Also available as a package with coaching


Thirty pages of encouragement and questions to help you root out and enjoy the pleasure that lies in every area of your life and nothing short of a miraculous way to make more pleasure out of pain. Now that’s recycling. PDF digital product.




If you know you get on far better when you can talk things through

Your questions answered, 1:1 support and encouragment to get you going in your life of pleasure

The pleasure assessor  plus one hour coaching session with Pauline by phone or skype

To be taken within three months






When you’re good at getting started but just as good at stopping before you wanted to, three coaching sessions will help keep you going with your life of pleasure while you build momentum

The pleasure assessor plus three one hour coaching sessions with Pauline by phone or skype.

To be taken within six months