Create real change for a more hopeful future without overwhelm or burnout

Unleash your leadership potential

If you’re like most leaders, creatives and change-makers, you care deeply about the issues we face in the world today, and you want to make a difference.

I think what each of us brings is critical in determining what happens next and that it’s only through the weaving together of all of our contributions that there’s a chance to turn things around.

Whether you lead an organisation, a team, a family or yourself, the difference you make to the world matters. However, you’re under constant pressure, always working late and giving it your all but still not feeling like you’re on top of things. Possibly wondering, even if you’ve not said it out loud, whether you’re cut out for this. 

Thinking maybe you should give it up, go part time or maybe to work in a cafe instead. This is very normal! You’re stressed. You are overwhelmed. And very likely under- resourced.

In that state it’s really difficult to make good decisions or find solutions. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

It is possible to find a way to lead that works for you – that energises you – that allows you to have a life outside of work AND deliver great results at work.


We’ll carve out space for you

  • to breathe
  • to remember why you’re doing this
  • to find what support is needed to face your current challenges

Let go of overwhelm and restore confidence

Find ways to lead that energise rather than drain you

Focus on what you and your team have done, not the demoralising endless list of what you haven’t.

Weed out the habitual yet unnecessary

Create a powerful new vision and strategies for the future

Learn unique ways to access and trust unconscious wisdom

Craft your vision for the future, for the good of all

Learn to be ok with not knowing or not having the whole plan upfront. We haven’t been here before. We need new, as yet unseen strategies

Hello, I’m Pauline Esson

I’ve spent over 20 years working with hundreds of leaders to get out of worry and overwhelm to become confident leaders, capable of making the difference they want to make.

We work together, find what is contributing to overwhelm and plan the steps that will bring you into calm confident leadership.
I bring a blend of approaches
– from my roots in the mainstream corporate world, traditional qualifications in training and development, and management development. I’m an accredited executive coach and licensed Myers Briggs practitioner.
– from my studies in spirituality and alternative therapies I have an understanding of the links between mind, body and spirit and a diploma in spiritual companionship. Most recently I’ve begun using art and images in coaching to access wisdom and guidance you didn’t know were there.

And I’ve been where you are. I have decades of experience leading teams and coming close to burnout myself. Twice. Working a high pressure corporate management role as a single parent as well as being an introvert in an extravert dominated environment. On top of that studying for a masters in management development. It was a lot!

How I can help


Any decisions or actions you take from an overwhelmed and depleted state are unlikely to be your best. We take a close look at what’s causing your depleted state, what you need to restore your energy, then find ways that work for you, now, to meet those needs.





With restored energy and motivation, reconnect with yourself and remember what you’re here for.
Invite unconscious wisdom, beyond the thinking mind,
to guide you in crafting a unique inspired vision for the year ahead. Then the inspired action needed to bring it to life and make it a reality.




New habits and behaviour take time to become established. Until they’re second nature it can be too easy to slip back into overwhelm. Ongoing encouragement and support can help keep you on track and allow space to explore how to deal with new issues and obstacles as they arise.



“This is a high art that Pauline is practising. She can accompany you and help you see who you are. Always in a soft, caring, humorous and extremely insightful manner”

C, London

“I needed help to work out the implications for my business when Covid struck, and to find a way forward. Using art in coaching I got a clear vision for the next 1-2 years and feel focussed on the actions that matter most. I highly recommend Pauline, especially for those of us who try to intellectualise everything without input from the deeper parts of ourselves.”
A, Kent
“I worked with Pauline to help unravel a longstanding issue that was causing me extreme difficulty. I feel quite amazed at what has shifted and that the problem has been resolved. The whole experience has been a surprising delight. I highly recommend Pauline if you are looking for a lasting solution that is uniquely yours.”
A, Hertfordshire

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About Pauline

Pauline Esson has spent over 20 years working with hundreds of leaders to help them get out of worry & overwhelm and become confident leaders that are capable of making the difference they want to make.

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