"We're not thinking deeply enough as a business."


 Organisations are making expensive and needless mistakes, jumping ahead with action before it’s been thought through properly – and later having to spend enormous amounts of time, energy and money to put the mistakes right.


And yet they have an untapped resource in managers who are capable of the deeper thinking that could save the wasted time, money and frustration.


These people are introverted leaders, who are themselves suffering needlessly, trying to function amongst extrovert-led working practices that effectively shut down their contribution.


“We need more of your thinking”


Leaders recognise the value of and need for deeper thinking but are often largely unaware of the conditions necessary to enable it .

Imagine, if you’re left handed, being asked to write all day with your right hand.

That’s what it feels like to an introvert asked to work and think all day in an extrovert oriented environment.

The results aren’t great.



Many introverts, are unaware of their preferences. Unaware that they’re left handed and simply think that what they can achieve with their right hand is the best they can do.

At best that’s a struggle, at worst it can be crippling when accompanied by thoughts of not being up to the job or that there’s something wrong with them.

Which is not the case at all.


Others are aware that they’re left handed. But in a working environment where  everything is set up for the right handed, they assume they need to adapt , never considering that the environment could adapt.


It’s really quite simple to make changes to working practices once you’re aware of preferences – to enable the ease and results of writing with your ‘right’ hand’ and to liberate the contribution of introverted leaders.


“Pauline helps you to fully understand the qualities your introverted preference brings to your business.  Also how to best use those strengths and to believe in and feel good about your preferences allowing you to thrive in your role and enjoy your work a whole lot more.”

David Nelson.  Head of Range, Tesco.


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