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Are you ready to create a deep and profound change in your life?

Permission to have needs

We’ll take a close look at what is causing your depleted state, prioritise what you need to restore energy and then find ways that work for YOU, right now, to meet those needs.

Access unconscious wisdom to create your inspiring vision

With energy and motivation restored, you’ll reconnect with yourself and remember what you’re here for. Together we’ll craft an inspiring vision for the next year, or two, then plan the inspired action that will bring it to life.

Ongoing support

New habits and behaviour take time to establish. Before they become second nature it can be easy to slip back into overwhelm. Ongoing support and encouragement can help keep you on track and allow space to think about how to tackle obstacles or new problems as they arise.

Your coaching options

There are three 1-1 packges to choose from:


For when you are depleted and need to restore energy and return to the effective, confident leader you can be.

Pre session phone briefing 30 minutes

Needs analysis exercise

90 minute coaching session

60 minute follow up coaching session

On Zoom or in person in Hertfordshire
Lovely indoor venue or in Sherrardswood nr Welwyn

Email check in


in full

With energy restored, time to remember what you’re here for, craft a new inspiring vision then bring it to life.

Pre session phone briefing 30 minutes

Personality questionnaires

Additional assessment tools

5 x 90 minute coaching sessions over 3 months

On Zoom or in person in Hertfordshire
Lovely indoor venue or in Sherrardswood

Email check in


in full or pay £330 monthly


Thrive offers customised ongoing support and encouragement until your positive new habits become second nature.

10 x 90 minute coaching sessions over 12 months


On Zoom or in person in Hertfordshire

Lovely indoor venue or in Sherrardswood


Email check in 



in full or pay £330 monthly

* Also available as a one day intensive.


I’m not sure which coaching package would suit me best

Book a free exploratory call and we’ll work out which would be best, or create a bespoke programme for you.

Can I ask my organisation to fund this?

Yes. Most organisations have a budget for training and development from which you can request funding. 
Sometimes there are in-house coaches already in place and you can still ask for an independent coach. There would usually be a set up briefing and final review with your line manager and different payment methods, so pricing varies.
Book a free call and we can talk about your development needs and the case for funding them.

I’m already stretched for time and not sure how I’ll find the space for coaching

Yes, this is a challenge! Virtually everyone I’ve worked with has this issue.

 Start with making time for just one free call and we can begin looking at what is causing you to be overstretched and what can be done to make more spaciousness in your working day.

It’s easy to get started


Book a free exploratory call to see how we can work together.


Complete and share with me any pre-session questionnaires.


We’ll review your answers and prepare for your first session.

“I particularly enjoyed getting your unbiased and fresh perspective on issues. You are positive and helped me see all the examples of what I was doing well when all I could see was what I hadn’t yet achieved, a viewpoint that was depressing for both myself and my team. You’re true to yourself and quietly challenge the status quo. This was liberating, encouraging me to do things in ways that suit my values and management style.”

N.C. Senior Retail Area Manager
“I was very stuck in what I thought was an intractable situation. Our coaching has shown me how to approach things from different angles and where there’s room to take more responsibility for changing things. I didn’t expect that taking more responsibility would lead to me losing the sense of weightiness that “it’s always me who has to do everything” but it did. Almost all of that weightiness has gone now.”
H.M. Managing Director

“Everything that unfolded in the last 9 months being coached by Pauline took me further than I would expect, much deeper into myself. We worked on issues in the session, and then drop it and let it work underwater, in my unconscious… so that I could come with much deeper material at the next session. This allowed me to access much deeper, truer wisdom, which in turn, with Pauline’s insightful guidance, allowed me to connect with my deep purpose.”

C. London

Ready for change?

Book an obligation free exploration call to see how coaching can help you.

About Pauline

Pauline Esson has spent over 20 years working with hundreds of leaders to help them get out of worry & overwhelm and become confident leaders that are capable of making the difference they want to make.

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