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“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Dr. Howard Thurman



Our coaching sessions will create the physical, emotional and mental space you need to breathe, get out of survival mode, and see your situation in full light.

With fresh perspective, we’ll look at the way you interact with yourself, those around you and your work. We’ll gently shift these interactions to bring back trust, compassion, spaciousness and even pleasure to your job and your life.

This is what will help you to come alive – unleashing enormous energy, sparking unlimited creativity and discovering deep well-being.

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First Hundred Days – New Role Coaching Programme

“In an increasingly extrovert business environment, with pace increasing, constant demands on your time and relentless communication through multiple media, thriving as an introvert is increasingly challenging.

This is especially true when moving to a new role in a new team in which you know no-one. Swiftly gaining clarity on what you want and need to do, managing your energy and thinking time to deliver on these is a challenge for anyone, but especially an introvert surrounded by extroverts.

Pauline supported me in understanding what was important to focus on, how to do this, and to gain some quick wins and make an impact in the team.  I had made a move like this before, and to be honest had drowned in the new role, failed to make an impact and be an integral part of the team, and the move was not a success.  There was a real risk this would have happened again.  The pace and intensity of the area I moved into was over-whelming, and I could easily have drowned again.

Instead, it’s been a success with my performance rated as strong for this first year in my new role ”

Dave Nelson. Head of Range, Tesco.


3 month programme

The first three months in a new role are the most critical for you and your organisation. For introverts it’s an especially demanding time when the need to take in new information and build new relationships can be completely overwhelming.

This programme helps you harness the enthusiasm that accompanies a new challenge, together with your innate capabilities, to find introvert friendly ways to achieve your goals. You’ll also get the support you need to avoid burn out and ensure long-term success.


In my next life…  Coaching programme following redundancy or change of direction

“Thank you, once again, for helping me think, laugh and be joyful in very difficult circumstances. Thank you too, for your acute perception and deep warmth and humour –  it meant I had nowhere to hide but in a very protected way and so made very real and practical progress.”

Iain MacManus, UK Digital Media Executive


Redundancy can be shocking and can leave you feeling such a range of emotions, exhilarated and free and isolated and lost.

This coaching programme provides support so you’re not alone and helps you make the most of the freedom to shape your life and work exactly as you would like it, unconstrained or constricted by a role or company culture.

To remember who you are at your very best and find ways to give that to the world.


Energy Renewal Coaching Programme

3 month coaching programme

In the midst of a big challenge, it can be difficult to find the time and space to get some fresh air, never mind a fresh perspective. This programme takes you from survival mode, and rebuilds your energy. You’ll develop practical strategies to meet your needs, overcome obstacles, and achieve success within your organisation.


Sustained Focus Coaching Programme

6 or 12 month coaching programme

Often taken to follow the New Role or Energy Renewal programmes, Sustained Focus provides a monthly check-in to keep you in balance and on track.


Exploratory Coaching Session

If you’d like to get a sense of what it would be like to work together, and whether we’re a good fit, I offer an introductory coaching session. We’ll get clarity on your situation and what you want to focus on . If you decide you want to continue with one of the coaching programmes, the cost of the introductory session will be deducted from the price for the programme.


The details: scheduling, rates and time commitment

Sessions can be by phone, via Skype or in-person in London or Hertfordshire.Allow up to 90 minutes for coaching sessions, plus about 20 minutes a day for your own reflection and implementation.

To book a session and check current programme rates (priced per package), or ask any other questions

Call +44 (0)7889 029706, email or use my contact form.

Questions may have been answered on the FAQ page , otherwise please do call or email.


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