Discover The Power
of The Scribble


Just how different could your life, your work and your world be

if you had constant access to the wisest possible guide for you?

Like having a personal oracle?

How might it be if, for every important and trivial decision you had to make, you could get instant guidance? Guidance that you could trust to always be in your best interests.

Well, you can.

Allow me to introduce The Scribble, your personal Oracle.

When you work with The Scribble, you bypass fears, negative beliefs and deeply ingrained unhelpful social conditioning to see, and be guided to, what is right for you.

And, better than that, when we live this way, acting in alignment with what is truly in our best interests, we hum along nicely, emitting a harmonious frequency, contributing to a harmonious world order. Can you imagine what it would feel like if we all did that?!

Art and Imagework has long been a familiar tool used in therapy but is a very welcome, relative newcomer to the world of transformative coaching.

It has the power to go deep very quickly working visually as it does, accessing  wisdom often unavailable when working verbally, talking things through.

Bring your most unanswerable questions and concerns to the scribble and be guided to answers that are true to you, and that you can trust to be in the best interests of you and of those in your world.

Scribble your way to a world that works for everyone. Starting with you. Always starting with you.

(Aka: A sustainable way to live and work. Not burning out. Creating healthy business practices, and not sacrificing your health for business.)

What Can The Scribble Do?

People have been using The Scribble to help with :



        • Business Strategy – What’s the best direction for our business now?


        • Career decisions – I’ve got an opportunity now for a Directorship and can’t decide whether to take it?


        • Meeting preparation – The outcome of this meeting is critical. I need to be sure I’m thinking straight


Many, many, other life, work and business questions and decisions:


        • I want to be more green and know there’s lots of ways, but what’s the best way for ME to be more green, other than the recycling I already do diligently?


        • What’s stopping me from finding love?


        • Where is it in my best interests to live?


        • How do I make our home as welcoming as possible for our child as we prepare to adopt?


        • How do I improve my relationship with….


        • Shall we get a dog?


        • What shall I do with my hair?


Reactions to Working with The Scribble

Working with The Scribble is:

“Insightful, transformational, exciting, liberating, fun, revelatory, instructive, authentic, visionary, empowering, wild, connected, expansive, reverent, spiritual, sacred, potent, incredibly powerful and lifting.”

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How does it work?
See the Scribble Practice in Action

The scribble process goes like this

1. Bring a question

2. Relaxation – getting out of your head

3. Do a scribble

4. Explore the scribble from 4 directions, one at a time – to see what you see?

5. Does any of what you see, mean something in relation to your question?

6. As a result of what it means, what do you want to do, or do differently?

In these two videos (short version 15 mins, longer 24 mins), the question was a major one about whether to return to a job following a secondment or leave permanently.  

We join the process at step 4, part way through exploring the scribble, answering the question ‘What can you see?

Coaching Options

Discover the power of The Scribble - Group Taster session

10-12 noon, on zoom, the first Saturday of the month.

6th July


3rd August


7th September


5th October


2nd November


7th December


1:1 Coaching

1:1 One-Off Specific Question Session

Get insights and answers to pressing questions in a single, focused session.


On Zoom or in person in Hertfordshire

1:1 One-Off Meeting Preparation Session

Prepare for important meetings with confidence through a focused, one-time coaching session.


On Zoom or in person in Hertfordshire

1:1 Six-Week Coaching Programme

Deep dive into your personal and professional development with a structured six-week programme.


On Zoom

Group Coaching

Six Week Group Coaching Programme

Join a group coaching programme designed for shared learning experiences and the support of the group.

Next programme starts Sat 12th October ’24. 

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per person

Tailor-Made Team Strategy Building

Enhance your team’s strategy with a customised scribble coaching plan tailored to your specific needs.

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What Clients Are Saying

“I couldn’t work out what direction to take my business in.

The scribble process has given me an entirely unique and fresh perspective.

I felt entirely safe with Pauline to explore deeply. I’m really getting to the bottom of what has been blocking me.”

Emma Healey

‘Horses Show The Way’, Equine Facilitated Mental Wellbeing Coach. 

“I was in the process of deciding whether to take on a challenging project. 

My scribble helped me reframe the blocks I was putting in my way to see the growth opportunity.

The scribble process and Pauline’s coaching are absolutely powerful.

I have clarity now and feel a lot lighter.”

Ruth Toomey Executive Coach

“I was going to be presenting a project proposal at a meeting. 

I needed approval from the meeting for us to go ahead and was worried about objections that might be raised.

The scribble allowed me to see things from different perspectives. 

I went from being fearful of possible objections to acknowledging and accepting them as an expected part of the process which had a calming effect. 

So, thank you scribbles!”

K. Project Co-ordinator

 Used the scribble to prepare for a significant meeting

The Origins of the Scribble Practice

The scribble practice is a unique technique that can tap into the unconscious mind. Art therapist Margaret Naumburg, (1890-1983), and her sister Florence Cane,(1882-1952), a teacher, both felt that art therapy was a more effective route to the unconscious than verbal therapy. Influenced by by the metaphysical teacher George Gurdjieff, who coined the word “essence” as a term for the intrinsic, unchanging authentic soul within each person, Florence developed scribble drawing exercises to help people find their essence. Both sisters experimented throughout their lives, with nonverbal ways of accessing the unconscious through intuitive art. Their discoveries underpin the current practices of art therapy today.

The scribble practice has its origins in art therapy and has recently begun to be used in coaching to address coaching questions about the now or the future rather than therapeutic questions seeking to unpack or understand the past. By engaging with The Scribble practice, clients can bypass their fears, limiting beliefs, and social conditioning, allowing them to access deeper insights than they might otherwise have reached. This innovative practice has been integrated into various coaching programs at With Integrity, including one : one sessions, group workshops, and strategy building exercises.

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